12 Adorable DIY Christmas manicures

Beauty lovers listen up, we've got your 12 days of Christmas covered with these adorable, easy to follow, manicure tutorials. Give them a go and show us your results in the comments below!

1. Festive fairy lights

fairylights nails DIY
Image via Chalkboard Nails

This tutorial makes clever use of glow in the dark nail polish to create a truly unique manicure. 

The blue base coat creates the 'day look', and when the lights go off the tiny bulbs light up for a brilliant 2-in-1 effect.

Get the festive fairy lights tutorial here

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2. Crafty Christmas puddings

Christmas pudding nails
Image via The Nailasaurus

We all know that pudding is the best part of Christmas dinner. Show your appreciation with this surprisingly simple look. 

Don't forget to finish with a glossy top coat to ensure your design stays in place.

Get the crafty Christmas puddings tutorial here

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3. Run, run Rudolph

Rudolph nails manicure DIY simple
Image via Pshiiit

This manicure uses a nail art pen to add an adorable detail to a classic red polish. 

Get the run, run Rudolph manicure tutorial here


4. A present for your nails

present manicure
Image via Pshiiit

Some simple tape and a nail pen are the secret to this surprisingly easy manicure idea. 

You could paint a present on every finger or choose one accent nail. Why not try making the presents different colours?

Get the present manicure tutorial here

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5. Christmas tree talons

Christmas tree nails
Image via Blue Tape and Nails

Tape is used again in this look to create perfectly pointed Christmas trees.

Once you have your green triangles, you can decorate them however you wish. From a glittery top coat to nail sticker stars, the possibilities are endless. 

Get the Christmas tree tutorial here

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6. Let it snow!

let it snow
Image via More

This step-by-step guide is so easy to follow but the results are impressively detailed.

The best part is that it doesn't matter if your nails match or not because all snowflakes are supposed to be unique. 

Get the snowflake manicure tutorial here


7. Red and green

red and green
Image via Huffington Post

If nail art isn't your style, you can still keep your hands looking festive with a red and green colour scheme.

For the best effect, choose just one statement nail to paint a different colour. 


8. Deck the Halls

deck the halls
Image via Divine Caroline

If you feel like an extra challenge, this slightly-fiddly detail is as festive as it gets.

Deck your nails with sprigs of holly using a nail art pen, or DIY your own using a cocktail stick. 

Get the Deck the Halls manicure tutorial here


9. Perfect penguins

penguin nails
Image via She Who Does Nails

Forget Happy Feet, get happy fingers with this adorable manicure.

The simple shape of the penguins makes this a good style for nail art beginners. 

Get the perfect penguins manicure tutorial here

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10. Shining stars

shining stars
Image via Nail Side

Nail stamps are a fantastic way to create detailed nail art if you don't have the steady hand to paint freestyle.

Use a strong enough topcoat, and it's the perfect transitional style to see you through to New Year's Eve.

Get the shining stars manicure tutorial here


11. Beautiful bubbly

Image via Nail Side

Celebrate in style with this shimmering design that's all about the bubbles! 

Get the beautiful bubbly manicure here


12. Candy cane claws

candy cane nails
Image via Lacq Lustre

This pretty manicure is a sweet twist on the classic red and white stripe look.

Not obviously Christmassy, the small detail is perfect for those who prefer a more subtle look.

Get the candy cane manicure tutorial here


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