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11 Fashion tips for women over 50


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

11 Fashion tips for women over 50

It can be tricky to negotiate your style as you reach a new age and try and avoid the 'mutton dressed as lamb' taunts. Here's some tips to keep sassy into your 50s.

Dress for your shape

Embrace your curves! A knee length dress that flatters your shape does wonders for a woman. Don't shy away from wearing anything tight, just make sure it holds you in all the right places. Ditch the baggy tops and trousers!


Get leggy

Change your way of thinking about trousers. Skinny jeans sound terrifying but they lengthen your legs and slim you down. Wide leg structured trousers can also be chic. Look for mid market brands who know how to execute these styles and who use longer lasting fabrics.


Show shoulders

Make something of your shoulders, rather than your cleavage. Tops and dresses that skim your shoulders look incredibly chic and on the button.


Best foot forward

If you've been stuck in the same stilettos for decades, then maybe have a look towards a different heel. Wedges or boots can be just as flattering when teamed with the right look. If you still want to trot in spike heels, just make sure you get some party feet or good cushioning!


Quality not quantity

If the 20s are all about fast fashion and changing looks according to the catwalk seasons, then the 50s are about slowing down and feeling confident in longer lasting, luxurious fabrics. Don't rule out leather, chiffon, suede or angora to sass up a plain outfit.


Bold prints - just a little

Bold patterns are just as fashionable in your 50s as your 20s - but you might want to tone things down a bit and use prints like leopard or tiger as accessories instead of being the main focus. A killer leopard print scarf does wonders for a simple black shift dress and smart jacket.



A great haircut can take years off. Ask your hairdresser for something fresher that frames your face. Layers not only make the hair appear thicker but gives a more modern look. Also look at colouring your hair and adding highlights or lowlights for a brighter style.


Embrace colour

Don't hide behind dark colours - it's time to be brave and step out with colourful fabrics and makeup. Your 50s are a time to be truly comfortable with yourself, so why not make the most of your wisdom and confidence and show it in your clothes!


Get a statement handbag

Handbags are a woman's best friend and they can show a lot about a woman, including her age. Choose something timeless, in a bright colour, that will be long-lasting and not just fashionable for now. Be careful of anything too small or large, as it needs to be a good investment to suit a lot of different events.



Scarves, necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, belts, hats - accessories can make an outfit pop. Choose quirky vintage pieces to show you know your stuff and beware of any plastic, cheap jewellery that can cheapen a look.