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3 Live action roleplay events for acting out your fantasy persona


1st Jan 2015 Online Events

3 Live action roleplay events for acting out your fantasy persona
Live-action roleplaying (LARP) events allow participants to take on imaginary personas and act out fantasy settings. LARP opens up a world of imagination and creativity, from medieval knights to post-apocalyptic survivors.
This article will provide an overview of 3 unique types of live-action roleplaying events for those interested in acting out their dream fantasy character. Whether you want to be a powerful sorcerer, space explorer, or vampire slayer, these LARPs will immerse you in an alternate universe limited only by your imagination.
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1. Renaissance Fairs

Renaissance Fairs are a live-action roleplay (LARP) event that transports participants back to medieval times. These weekend-long fairs aim to recreate an English village from the 1400s to 1600s authentically. People dress in historical outfits and take on the role of lords, ladies, knights, jesters, and more.

Key Activities

  • Jousting: Knights participate in competitive jousting tournaments on horseback. Cheer them on from the crowds!
  • Feasts: Sit down for extravagant dinners fit for royalty with meat pies, roasted turkey legs, and mead.
  • Quests: Go on interactive quests and scavenger hunts around the village.
  • Shopping: Peruse handmade items from glassblowers, blacksmiths, potters, and other artisans.

Preparing Your Outfit

To complete your Renaissance persona, shop for costumes and accessories from retailers like Battlemerchant Online Shop, which offers historically accurate clothing and props. Their medieval wares will take your outfit to the next level.

Embrace the Times

Renaissance Fairs allow you to leave modern life behind. Speak in Elizabethan English, participate in old-fashioned games, and pretend to be a princess, knight, or peasant for the day! It's an immersive experience.

2. Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands

Live-action roleplay (LARP) events set in post-apocalyptic settings have become a trendy way for participants to immerse themselves in dangerous dystopian futures. These events aim to realistically recreate the bleak, war-torn environment of a world decimated by disaster.

The Setting

Post-apocalyptic LARPs are typically set decades after a global catastrophe, like nuclear fallout, a viral pandemic, climate disaster, or alien invasion. Buildings are dilapidated, technology is makeshift, and necessities like food, clean water, and medicine are scarce.
The landscape is ravaged by conflict between survivors fighting for domination over resources. Danger lurks around every corner in the form of hostile gangs, mutated creatures, radioactive zones, and border patrols.

Participants Take On Gritty Personas

Participants create elaborate backstories and costumes to take on the persona of a survivor in the harsh setting. Common roles include:
  • Lone scavengers: Foraging to survive while avoiding conflicts
  • Gang members: Banded together for protection and to raid supplies
  • Rebels: Fighting back against totalitarian rulers
  • Outlaws: Taking advantage of the lawlessness

Immersive Survival Gameplay

The multi-day events feature interactive gameplay focused on survival objectives like:
  • Securing clean water, food, medicine, and fuel through supply runs
  • Forming strategic alliances with other groups
  • Defending territory and assets from enemies
  • Maintaining weapons and technology like generators
  • Weathering radioactive storms or zombie attacks
Participants stay continuously in character, using their supplies and survival skills to navigate the dangerous world. Post-apocalyptic LARPs allow participants to truly feel like they have been transported to a gritty dystopian future where their survival depends on supplies, alliances, and survival instincts.

3. Sci-Fi/Futuristic

For LARPing with a sci-fi twist, take on the role of an intergalactic space explorer, Venusian alien, or android from the year 3000. Sci-fi events allow you to inhabit speculative future worlds limited only by imagination.
Outfit yourself as a Starfleet officer on a mission to uncharted planets, a time traveler blending into different eras, or an investigator of paranormal phenomena. The futuristic props can range from laser blasters to antigravity boots.
Scavenge technology and artifacts to research, but watch out for hostile extraterrestrial lifeforms! You may need to master intergalactic diplomacy or join the galactic rebellion to overthrow the evil space empire.
The great thing about sci-fi LARP events is there are no limits, giving free rein to tap into any futuristic world you love.


LARP events allow us to break free from reality and embrace fantastical alter egos, if only for a weekend. By transporting to extraordinary worlds limited only by imagination, we can become the courageous knights, cunning spies, and wise wizards we dream of being. Choose your persona and unleash it through an immersive live-action roleplay adventure.

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