Design Bundles becomes a CarbonNeutral® certified business


12th Oct 2021 Environment

Design Bundles becomes a CarbonNeutral® certified business

This year in May, Design Bundles became a CarbonNeutral® certified company thanks to its ongoing commitment to sustainable carbon offsetting practices and projects around the globe.

Design Bundles is a complete hub of design resources for creative professionals and crafters alike, including, but not limited to, products such as fonts, graphics, social media templates, SVGs, and Sublimation files.

It was founded by Andy Croft and Alex France as a self-funded business when they saw a gap in the market for a space where independent designers could share and sell their work while being fully supported, encouraged, and promoted to the creative community by a more prominent online presence.

Staff numbers have increased alongside their rapid growth and now sit at 200 global employees in less than five years. Design Bundles' founders continue to be actively involved in the company's day-to-day operations and regularly communicate directly with customers and designers to guarantee that the company's beliefs and principles are adhered to.

Since its launch in 2016, where it quickly cemented itself as the prime example of a community-driven creative marketplace, it has remained one of the most future driven businesses to emerge in the last ten years with a keen focus, structural goals, and a promise to provide value to professionals.

The design and templates provided by Design Bundles are an abundant source of inspiration for at-home crafters right through to large companies hoping to bring in new dynamic designs ideas and change up their brand aesthetics.

The massive product lines provided have sparked a mass of creativity with crafty individuals over the pandemic, where many were turning to crafts to keep themselves occupied. It's also helped small businesses develop quick designs for branding and social media campaigns. In addition, the affordable, accessible, relevant, and unique designs that Design Bundles provides to customers have meant that they have built up a vast and trusting customer base who come back to them time and time again.

Creatives can save time and money by purchasing one of the many fantastic value design 'Bundles' that the site curates. Ranging from bundles of SVG files, paper cut templates, Fonts, sublimation designs, Procreate brushes, and LightRoom presets, the Design Bundles team works hard to ensure an affordable bundle suitable for everyone. Every product download comes with an unlimited download guarantee, personal and business licenses, and unlimited customer support. To go one step further in creating value for their community, Design Bundles also release entirely free design resources each week.

Before Design Bundles entered the market, the concept of packaging quality typefaces, SVGs, and other design products was almost unknown. Andy and Alex realized this market gap and set out to create a new product and opportunity to save graphic designers, content creators, and business owners time and money.

The Marketplace offers freelance designers a way to share their creative talents with the world while earning a passive income. There are countless fantastic success stories from sellers on the platform who have replaced full-time incomes with the sales generated from being part of the Marketplace and thanks to the help and support Design Bundles offers its community of creators. Designers who sell on the marketplace benefit from free resources to improve their on-site SEO, storefronts, and product offerings.

Design Bundles continuously gathers feedback from its clients and designers to discover areas for improvement in their service and product offerings. After accomplishing their goal of becoming a CarbonNeutral® certified business, they intend to pursue other sustainability projects that benefit people, the environment, and creative practice.

They are devoted to offering opportunities for further professional development to their global workforce, supporting them in sharpening existing skills and learning new ones. Their desire for their employees to have opportunities for personal and professional development is a paradigm helping to foster an immensely positive work culture that will be sure to see the team grow even further in the coming months as the business continues to expand.

One of Design Bundles' latest projects is to create new instructional tools in multiple formats to aid their growing audience in harnessing new creative skills. They strive to provide as much value as possible to the creative community and are well commended on their superior customer service to all consumers, even those who don't pay for services.

Over 80% of their staff are Designers who are incredibly proficient with the software and tools used by their customers. This helps the business to ensure the highest possible quality of its products and excellent customer service. Furthermore, the company employs a strict intellectual property and infringements of copyright policy so that customers never have to worry about the products they are purchasing being unsuitable for use.

They keenly seek out customer feedback in their dedicated Facebook community groups, that have amassed numbers of over 91,000 members, to improve products that customers want to see on the market and offer free content such as blog posts, YouTube videos, and tutorials to help inspire and encourage learning new skills.

Not only are they a community-driven organization they are also a highly development-driven company. The infrastructure developed behind the scenes enables Design Bundles to incorporate ideas popular among designers and customers quickly and effectively while also constantly evolving their processes, services, and products to stay at the forefront of their industry.

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