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1st Jun 2021 Environment

The world has recently seen severe climatic changes all over. Burning hot temperatures, ice-cold weathers, life-threatening storms, cyclones, and floods; are all results of increased global warming.

According to previous records and statistics, human activity started influencing the climate in the 1830s. The issue has been persisting since then and has increased to a dangerous level today. Fortunately, plantati0ns and greenery are a counter to this alarming issue. These multipurpose things that have the cure for almost every humanistic problem are catering to this problem too.

The detrimental side effects of global warming have forced people to think about controlling this issue before it’s too late. The people on the internet have played a huge role in spreading awareness about it. The issue has caught the eye of media broadcasters and famous celebrities who are doing their best to bring awareness. While many companies are producing biodegradable products, sustainable to the environment, Best of Machinery.com is one platform that is promoting planting more trees.

Best of Machinery is an online information platform that provides knowledge on everything that a person needs to know about gardening, tools, machinery, home décor and maintenance, and all things outdoor. It has been running for four years and has garnered the attention of thousands of viewers and readers from all around the world. It was founded by Thomas Phillips and Andrew Gaugler on December 19th, 2016. It is a subsidiary of D.B.A. Marketing and operates from Hampshire, in the U.K.

Article and blogs written by niche-specific writers that are well aware of the topics they are covering is one of the plus points of this platform. From maintaining the garden and its tools to starting a garden from scratch, with the help of Best of Machinery by their side, one can never make a wrong move.

Planting – More than just a hobby

Planting and growing increasing quantities of trees is the scientific solution to Earth’s environmental dilemma.

Rightly said, planting is indeed more than just a hobby. It is a way to contribute to the betterment of the world’s health. Greener reduces the harmful effects of global warming to a greater extent. It helps in controlling temperatures, keeps a balanced water table, makes the soil more fertile and productive, and simultaneously makes the environment clean and beautiful.

Best of Machinery understands the importance of plants in human lives which is why it believes in promoting greenery over other things. The company aims to educate the masses about the benefits of planting more trees and its effect on the environment. The company’s D.I.Y. (do it yourself) strategy has instigated many to step their feet into gardening for the first time. The platform proved to be useful for many people during the Corona Virus lockdown around the world as people were forced to stay at home. The well-written and structured content and guide made it easier for the first-timers. The website provides tried and tested information for its consumers, which is just a tap away on their phones. The ease of having an expert opinion on how to set up a garden for the very first time, different ways to deal with pests and bugs, how to grow a certain plant, and how to maintain garden equipment all have been listed on the website.

With the best-recruited writers in the country, Best of Machinery’s articles are the crème de la crème of D.I.Y. content. The platform’s expert team consists of Anna Ryan, its editor, and copywriter. Their team of writers includes four individuals; Annette Hird, Adrian White, Briana Yablonski, and Kimberly Sharpe. Their articles are written for people to be motivated to indulge in a fun yet productive activity while benefitting the environment at large. Their outdoor and garden category consists of seven further categories. These categories include lawn care, garden tool and equipment, mowers and lawn power equipment, outdoor cooking, pest control, watering, hosing and ponds, wheelbarrows, and trolleys. With such an extensive range of articles on gardening activities, Best of Machinery ensures that they cover all when it comes to gardening.

Taking the D.I.Y. trend seriously

The trend of D.I.Y. has taken the internet by storm. From clothes to cooking to almost everything, people are obsessed with making things at home. The trend has made people self-sufficient and made them realize the wasteful spending that they have been doing. BestofMachinery lays great emphasis on taking care of gardening equipment and tools. As much as it is important to plant trees and flowers, it is equally important to take care of the tools and other pieces of equipment. Their Tools and Equipment category consists of Air Tools, Hand Tools, Oscillating Tools, Planes, Chisels and Files, Power Tools, Tools Accessories, Welding, and Soldering. The detailed categories of tools speak for themselves. Written by experienced writers, all of their articles consist of substantial information that can make even a rookie get started with gardening.

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