What you should include in your dating profile and what you shouldn't

Want some tips on how to improve your dating profile? Read on for some dos and (definitely) don'ts.


The profile picture

An absolute must have for your profile is a picture. 

  • Preferably one that's been taken recently—there’s no use putting up that one from your holiday to Cuba from ten years ago, you may look gorgeous but your picture should show you as you are right now. You want to find someone who will appreciate you for who you are. 
  • Never put up photos that are explicit and show a lot of skin, you run the risk of having your profile deleted and these kinds of photos definitely won't attract the right kind of attention.
  • Try and refrain from including pictures with a group of friends—potential dates won’t know which person is you!


Talk about yourself—but not too much!

In order to attract like-minded people with similar interests use your profile to describe the things you love—it will show that you have a passion and zest for life. But don’t go too overboard, you want to keep a little mystery and intrigue and have things to talk about when you do have a date. It is easy to tell if you've included too much as you may find yourself with an essay on your hands. Try to stick to two/three paragraphs.

Your relationship history should also be kept under wraps. That’s a conversation you will want to leave for later, when you meet someone and things are a little more serious.


Be positive

Don't focus too much on negatives. Filling your profile with a list of things you hate will make you look very pessimistic to any potential suitors and may put off people you could really connect with. You should also refrain from including lots of negative things about yourself. Honesty is great, but it can quickly turn into self-deprecation, which isn't very appealing.


Stay away from clichés

You may really love candlelit dinners and walks on the beach, but so do hundreds of others. Try and be a little more creative and imaginative when describing yourself and your passions to set yourself apart in the sea of internet daters.


Never lie

When filling out your online profile, it's easy to be tempted to tell little white lies about certain aspects of yourself if you think you'll appear more desirable. But if you do lie you'll probably get caught out and you could end up alienating someone really special. If you put on your profile that you’re not a smoker and you turn up to your date smelling of cigarettes because a few minutes ago you were desperately puffing on one to beat the cravings during the date, they might get a little bit suspicious about what else you could have lied about. If you’re honest and forthright on your profile, you will still find people who want to meet you.


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