What is Speed Dating?


1st Jan 2015 Dating & Relationships

What is Speed Dating?
Speed dating has slowly but surely increased in popularity among mature adults, and it is now a great way to find companionship. What is it all about and how do you know if speed dating is going to be a worthwhile way for you to meet people?

Speed Dating in a Nutshell

Speed dating is all about meeting new people in a relaxed and friendly environment.
You can find different types of speed dating events, but the core idea is always the same. You are given a few minutes, typically between 3-8 minutes, to speak with a person, after which you’ll change spots to talk to someone else. The group sizes tend to vary, but you’ll often talk to at least five different people.
Each person will write down the names of the people they’d like to talk to more and in the end the organisers will see which people picked each other from the group. If two people like each other, then contact details are shared and you can organise a date between yourselves.

Removes Pressure

The best thing about speed dating is that it removes the pressure associated with dating. You’ll get to meet different people, but you don’t feel like you need to give your contact details out of politeness. Therefore, it’s the perfect form of dating for people who don’t like the exchange of numbers and who go to first dates just because they didn’t want to say “no, thank you”.

Puts You in Charge

Speed dating gives you the power to pick the people you feel connected to. As you age, you become more aware of what you are looking for in a relationship and you know the type of people you click with.
For people who know what they want, speed dating can be an ideal way to meet new people. A conversation that lasts for a few minutes is often a good enough indicator to know if you have things in common with someone or whether you can get the conversation flowing. Therefore, you can save a lot of time and hour-long afternoon tea moments with people who you may not even feel that connected to by simply picking the people you liked talking to.
Such a short time leaves little chance of awkward silences, too!

A Mix of Old and New

Ultimately, speed dating is perfect for people who prefer the opportunity to meet people face-to-face, but who also like to meet plenty of new people. Online dating can be a great option as well, but it isn’t as fun and hassle free as speed dating.
Speed dating removes the few difficulties of online dating, as you know people aren’t in it just for laughs and you’ll get to talk with the person before having to commit to a date with them. For many, meeting someone in flesh can add that extra bit of attractiveness and ensure you definitely get along outside the Internet as well.

Don’t Treat it Like an Interview

It’s important to go with an open mind and not treat the event like a work interview. You want the few minute discussions to be relaxed and on to the point. Think a bit beforehand of the things you’d like to share with the other person and what are the things you’d like to know of a person to know whether you click with them or not.
With an open mind, speed dating can be a fantastic stress-free way to meet new people!
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