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Want to change your name? Here's how deed poll makes it easy


23rd Apr 2021 Dating & Relationships

Want to change your name?  Here's how deed poll makes it easy
There can be several reasons for when a person decides to change his name. It can be done to overcome a life-changing accident in your life or simply to go back to your maiden name after separation.
It might seem daunting initially, but the process of changing names has become a much simpler process over the years. The best part is that you can easily initiate the name change process by going online! With an easier and faster application process, changing your name is no more overwhelming. Read ahead to find out how it works.

Easy online application

The name change process is made easier with an online application. As you land on the website, you can see the “Apply Now” button on the home page banner. Once you click on that, you get redirected to the payment gateway. The payment method allows you to choose between credit and debit cards. The Deed Poll application requires a minimum amount and is completely secured. On completing the application, you get a confirmation mail. The UK Deed Poll Office often sends you the deed poll on the very same day of your application, provided you order on weekdays (Monday - Friday) before 3 PM.

The arrival of the deed poll via post

Your deed poll will arrive via a post at the address specified in your application. The deed poll generally comes with the number of copies you ordered and a guidebook to help you through the process of signing and witnessing your deed poll. The post also includes a list of organisations that you’re expected to update about the name change. If your delivery address is in the UK and you made the application by 3 pm, then you should expect to receive your deed poll within two days.

Sign, date and witness your deed poll

On receiving the deed poll, you must follow the guidebook “How to Execute Your Deed Poll” for some important instructions. It tells you how to sign and gather witnesses for your name change. A person who is British, sane, independent of you and over 18 years of age can be a witness in the name change process.

Update significant documents

Once you sign off your deed poll, you must check the list of organisations as suggested by the Deed Poll Office for updating the name change. This step is important as it covers all your significant documents, such as your driving licence and passport. These documents will eventually reflect your identity or name change.

Keep your closed ones informed

If you’ve completed all the necessary formalities, all you have to do is wait for the authorities to respond. Once your name has been changed successfully and you wish to be addressed with the new name, you should inform not just your near and dear ones but also the people or institutions, like the company you work for or college you study, you collaborate with on a daily basis about the name change without any hesitation. A successful name-change process ensures that you don’t face any difficulty in the future.


Although changing your name has become an easy process now, it is a legal matter and must be taken seriously. You need some well-sourced organisation, like the UK Deed Poll Office, with authorisation to complete and update the name change process successfully. They provide the support you may need and give you time to think well in advance before signing off the deed poll, as it can be life-changing.