Unusual ways to find love

Kate Taylor 15 November 2018

Sometimes, you need a taste of the unconventional in order to see what you want. Here are two mystic tricks to put the magic back into your dating life, by our dating and relationship expert, Kate Taylor

Look into my eyes. You are feeling relaxed. You are very interested to learn mystical techniques to bring love into your world. You will read the whole article and share it with all your friends. Then, you will write into Reader’s Digest, about how brilliant I am. Three, two, one—you’re back! 

For as long as people have wanted to find love, techniques have been created to help them find it. Today, we have online dating, psychology, and genetic research. In the past, we had scratching someone’s initial on a candle, palmistry, or throwing apple peel into a fire. 

It’s hard to say which is more successful. 

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the mystic arts. Not everyone wants to make strong, definite actions towards finding a new relationship. If you’re very newly single, you might not be ready to hurl yourself back into dating—but that doesn’t mean you want to ignore that part of your life completely. At times such as this, creating a simple Vision Board (from Law of Attraction) may help to clarify what you’re looking for in your next relationship. And there's the added possibility the universe will bring it to you. 

If trying out a love spell doesn't sound like your thing, maybe Feng Shui principles can encourage you to make your house cosy and inviting. Then, you’ll feel more confident in welcoming new people over for dinner.


How to use vision boards to find love

From: The Law of Attraction

A vision board is a collage showing things you’d love to have, which the universe will then bring to you. Essentially, it’s a celestial Argos catalogue.

You won’t know how or when they'll arrive, but they will be delivered if you trust in the process. If trusting in this is hard, borrow my belief in the subject until you get proof of your own. 

I’d always been skeptical of the Law of Attraction. How can lying around in bed visualising being a millionaire actually bring you more money? It sounds more like the fastest way to get fired. But a few years ago, after a break-up, I spent New Year’s Eve creating a vision board of the type of relationship I’d love to have. I used pictures of couples cooking, laughing, holding hands. I added an image of a pretty little house, kids, a diamond engagement ring and a church wedding. 

Today, everything on that board has come true. My one regret is not finding a picture of a bigger house. 


How to create a vision board for romance 

Using a stack of magazines, or an online search, start finding images that represent your perfect relationship. Don’t use the first picture of a happy couple you find; look for images that strike an emotional chord in you. That positive energy is what fuels the universe to provide. 

Add images of where you’d ideally live, how you’d spend your time together, the holidays you’d enjoy together. Fill up the paper with truly screaming images of bliss, and feel free to add words like, “We are so happy together.”

Create a collage of these images and either glue them onto paper or create a computer collage and print it out. Pin it up somewhere (it doesn’t have to be above your fireplace; inside your wardrobe door is fine). And then, forget about it. Don’t glare at it impatiently, tapping your watch. Trust that it’s all working like it should be. 

Occasionally look at the images and let their positive energy wash over you like a warm bath. Slowly but surely, you will attract those images into your life. 


How to activate the “love corners” of your home

From: Feng Shui

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is an ancient Chinese system for attracting good fortune through good housekeeping. If you’ve read, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo, you’ve seen a part of it. I’m a passionate devotee—if I can move a bin and change my life, why would I resist?

Feng Shui principles use a compass to divide your home into eight different sections. Each section relates to a different part of your life. For example, the south of your home represents your rank and reputation, north represents your career, south-east represents your money, and so on. 

For your love-life, the area to look at is the south west. 

How to boost your love corners

Grab a compass and stand with your back to your front door, facing into your home. Use the compass to find the south-west corner of your house. 

Look at that area closely—it’s a representation of your love life. Ideally, it’ll be well-lit, clean and attractive, signalling that a lovely relationship is on its way. If it’s your dank, and dusty downstairs loo, don’t go buying a hat. 

When you’ve found the south-west corners of your house (upstairs and downstairs), start by giving those areas a really thorough clean. Feng Shui believes that Chi, or life energy, can get “stuck” in your home if it’s left to settle. We’re not looking to settle! So, wash down the walls, hoover the floor, and remove anything old, cluttered or broken. 

Once you’ve cleaned the SW area to a surgical level, add things that represent the love you’d like to find. A picture of a happy couple would be perfect, or a photo of long-married relatives. 

Pairs of things are great, like two red candles (red is the colour of the SW area), two matching arm chairs, or a pair of Mandarin Ducks, the traditional symbol of love and fidelity. A mirror in this area is also believed to boost your romantic prospects, and a tall floor lamp is said to attract a new person into your world.

Pictures are important. Don’t have pictures of people on their own, or sad-looking images, or pictures of couples who’ve since been charged with the attempted murder of each other. Instead, to bring love and luck, hang pictures of peonies, lotuses, or cherry blossoms

Lavatories are inauspicious in your SW area. Feng Shui believes they literally flush away your good luck. To stop your love-life going down the pan, keep the toilet seat closed, hang a mirror on the outside of the door, and hang a small wind chime (like this one) over the loo. 

One last tip: family is really important in Feng Shui, and it’s believed the deceased relatives can be called on to help the living. If you’d like a phone a (spiritual) friend, find a lovely photograph of them, and slip it inside a frame. Then write a letter asking them to help you—to find you love, to give your confidence to go on dates, whatever you need. Put the letter inside the frame and place it in your SW corner. You may get dating help from the other side. 

I hope these techniques bring someone lovely into your life. If you’d like an idea of who it might be, try this simple love spell when you go to bed tonight:

  • Take your shoes off, and place them by the bed in a T shape, so the toe of one shoe touches the instep of the other.
  • Then say: “Hoping this night my true love to see, I’m placing my shoes in the form of a T”
  • Get into bed, shut your eyes, and dream!   

Fingers crossed it’s someone wonderful. If it’s not, deactivate your SW corner pronto.