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The best gifts for Valentine's Day 2021

The best gifts for Valentine's Day 2021
A Valentine's Day like no other, here's how to show your loved one that you care, no matter how far apart you might be. 

For beauty lovers: Buttaboxx

A Buttaboxx subscription will deliver your better half a beauty box like no other. If sustainability and supporting small brands is high on your loved one's prioritiy list alongside top quality products, this is the perfect trreat for them. 
Prioritising products for and created by women of colour, the box speaks to beauty lovers who are often overlooked in the offerings of bigger-name beauty boxes.
This is a particularly thoughtful gift for those away from their loved ones this Valentine's Day—what better gift in these trying times that a pamper night in a box?

For a cosy night in: All Saints Hoodie

All Saints Hoodie
Forget getting all glammed up and heading out for cocktails and a romantic meal: with lockdown in place, Valentine's Day 2021 is looking very different. But just because you're at home doesn't mean you don't need to make an effort.
Treat your partner to some elevated loungewear with this premium quality hoodie from All Saints. The all-black look is classy, while the hints of red in the embossed lettering keep in Valentine's appropriate. 
Made from 100% cotton, sustainably farmed, this cosy option is kind on your conscience too, and the high quality means it'll last for many Valentine's yet to come—no fast fashion here. 

For perfume enthusiasts: Savage Jasmine by Sana Jardin

Is there any notion more romantic than a signature scent? Smell is the most evocative of our senses, and its transformative power can allow us to time travel back to our most romantic moments in seconds. Treat your beloved to a new scent this Valentine's and you'll be creating those special memories for years to come. 
Sana Jardin is a socially conscious luxury fragrance house, creating sustainable perfumes in an industry where such an effort is rare. Not sure which scent to plump for? We love Savage Jasmine, an intoxicating floral scent with a whisper of musk.
If you really can't decide, why not treat them to the discovery set, and allow them to sample each scent for themselves?

For a drinks night: Don Papa Rum

Don Papa rum bottle
Surprise your loved one with a perfect Valentine's cocktail with Don Papa, the superior rum choice when you really want to impress. With notes of vanilla, honey and fruits, it's sure to offer a smooth start to the perfect evening. 
  • 45 ml Don Papa Rum 
  • 5 ml Aperol 
  • 15 ml Raspberry liqueur 
  • 15 ml Simple syrup 
  • 25 ml Lemon juice 
  • 30 ml Egg white 
  • 3 drops Balsamic vinegar 
  • 1 drop red food colouring 
Glassware: Chilled cocktail coupe glass 
Garnish: 3 drops of balsamic vinegar 
  1. Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker without first, shake all ingredients to emulsify the egg white.
  2. Add ice, shake hard until thoroughly chilled.
  3. Double strain into a chilled cocktail coupe.
  4. Zest with lemon and garnish with 3 drops of balsamic vinegar (pulled with a toothpick to create little hearts) 
Chocolate pairing:
  • Dark chocolate 
  • Dark chocolate with hazelnuts 
  • Dark chocolate with chili  

For sentimentalists: Necklace by Anna Lou of London

necklace with roman numerals
This beautifully personalised necklace from Anna Lou of London via Not on the High Street is a wonderfully intimate nod to a special date in your relationship. Great for men or women, it's a thoughtful way to offer something deeply romantic, yet private, like a shared secret you can wear every day. 
Anna Lou of London guarantees that all of their jewellery is ethically and sustainably produced, and comes presented in stunning packaging, making watching your loved one open their gift all the more special. 

For when you can't be together: Queen Jam Candle by Boujee Bougies

queen jam candle
Fed up of candles which smell divine the first time they're lit, only to lose their scent within their first burning? Boujee Bougies is your answer. Their deliciously-scented candles retain the strength of their calming smell from the first light to the last flicker of their wicks. 
The Queen Jam candle combines berries with roses for a uniquely romantic scent, perfect for setting the mood on Valentine's Day, either in person or through the post. And with a burn time of 50 hours, there's plenty of opportunity to rekindle the magic of your Valentine's night long after February has passed. 
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