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Merging the line of difference between gender roles, an initiative by Rubber B


3rd Jun 2021 Dating & Relationships

Merging the line of difference between gender roles, an initiative by Rubber B

It is not a hidden fact that with the evolution of time, a drastic change has been observed in the fashion of men and women. In the earlier days, styles and trends for men and women were different. From casual to formal to corporate, everything was distinguished on the basis of gender.

This affected certain people who did not want to follow or be a part of the typical gender-based discrimination. It restricted their sense of style and the freedom of adopting or following any style that they liked. This trend was not limited to garments only. It was also observed in accessories and other dressing items. Since everything is subject to change, this trend passed away soon.

The very first men and women's fashion revolution was seen in the 1980s. It was because of a few rebellious women who challenged society's traditions and adopted the style they liked. Some fashion houses then followed this, and soon this became a new fashion trend.

From shirts to denim, to boots, jewelry, and now even makeup, nothing is restricted to single-gender. Many brands are now focusing on unisex garment pieces and fashion accessories. Fitting into the context perfectly is Rubber B. This luxurious Swiss rubber strap manufacturing brand has collaborated with the leading horology industry to launch its latest rubber strap watches. 18k Rose Gold has been molecularly fused with the rubber surface for full lifestyle enjoyment.

Rubber B is the only brand that is manufacturing premium, top-quality rubber straps for Rolex watches. Their unique initiative of adding rubber straps to the classic Rolex watches has made a successful attempt to eliminate the slight gender difference in wristwatches. Normally, a woman's chain strap watch is thinner, has a small dial, and has a very delicate look and feel to it. Whereas on the contrary, men's watches tend to be thick and wide with bulky bracelets or straps. They are heavier than women's watch models, and have a bigger dial. Although, both of the watch styles have their own audience and are selected by preference, there remains a majority who are not fond of this difference. They prefer something that caters to both genders blur out the difference.

With the launch of Rubber B straps for Rolex, they have become the sole bearer of revolutionizing the extravagant Rolex's classic look. In addition to that,  their customization approaches to watches have also pleased those who wished to have a single watch for both genders. The Rubber B straps are manufactured in Switzerland with high-quality rubber. Made with the latest cutting-edge technology and calibrated by a team of horologically-skilled specialists, Rubber B creates straps made of Vulcanized Rubber, which is a high-density composite. The vulcanization of the rubber prevents it from overstretching to the point of failure. It also saves it from being damaged by certain external environmental factors such as the Ozone, UV rays, and exposure to the oceans' salty and wet environment. This Swiss-based company uses vulcanized rubber is because it is durable and pure. Its manufacturing process does not involve activities such as treatments, coatings, and silicone blends.

Rubber B sensed the need and rise of unisex fashion for a long time and decided to launch something that would create a trend in the watch industry and revolutionize typical gender-based accessories. Rubber B is launching more gender-neutral designs for unisex watches made for any wearer. Their decision to launch their uniquely styled Rubber B's watchbands for watches from top-notch brands such as Panerai, Apple, IWC, Tudor, Breitling, and many more have made them a trailblazer. With their products, Rubber B can provide various luxury accessory solutions for watch enthusiasts of all genders, while also being wonderfully inclusive of everyone within our very diverse LGBTQ+ community, regardless of their gender identity or orientation. Rubber B has removed the thin line between male and female watches by simply replacing the steel chain straps with high-quality, Swiss-made rubber.

The Rubber B strap watches are not only great for diving and swimming purposes but also are perfect for gym enthusiasts. The rubber strap watches are ideal for those who sweat profusely during their physical activities. Rubber B's finest quality rubber in its various synthetic forms blends well when performing any physical activity and is the easiest strap style to wash – while others can easily be rusted (steel) or dunked (NATO).

Rubber B straps have given the Rolex watches a new look overall and modernized its classic style. Their new trend has transformed the perspective that people have for rubber strap watches and has made them a luxury material.

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