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How to Reinvigorate Date Night


1st Jan 2015 Dating & Relationships

How to Reinvigorate Date Night
Got a little lazy with your better half? Whatever your relationship status, put the spark back into date night with these tips.
If you and your spouse's lives revolve around work, the children, and all those other commitments, then you might not get to spend enough time together. Once you're settled into a routine with family, you might have stopped going on dates together, and may find that the only quality time you spend with your partner is in front of the TV when you're both exhausted and hardly in a romantic mood. However, planning a weekly or monthly date night could help strengthen your relationship. It means leaving the kids with a babysitter, going out, and simply being a couple again. So, here are a few rules you might want to follow to make the most of your date night.

No domestic talk

Once you become parents, it can be tempting to make being mum and dad into your main roles, but talking about domestic matters such as children is bound to drain the passion out of date night. Try to avoid subjects such as kids, the house, or family problems, and think about what couples on a first date might talk about such as hobbies and interests, culture, politics, and your plans for the future. This will help you step out of your roles as parents and carers, and remind you both why you fell in love in the first place


Go somewhere new

It's easy for couples on date nights to go back to the same restaurants, cinemas, or other popular date spots, but this can soon get repetitive. Although it's sometimes nice to go back to an old favourite, perhaps the site of your first date, try to look for something a little different that'll interest you both. Book a night at the theatre, go to a different town, or try a type of cuisine you've never tasted before. This will keep things fresh and give you something to get excited about.


Dress up

You wouldn't go on a first date wearing a straight from work outfit and looking frazzled, so don't do so with your spouse. You might be too busy with the children to really glam up, but a new piece of clothing or a bit of make up can make all the difference.


Try to commit to a regular day

Many couples go on a date night, have a great time, and then promise to do it again, only to go back to old habits. If you can arrange a babysitter or family member for a regular booking, then you're more likely to stick to spending time together, even if it's just for a couple of hours.


It doesn't have to be a date 'night'

A date night doesn't necessarily have to be during night time hours. Many couples simply never take days out alone together, and you might always have the kids in tow when you go places. If you can get away during the daylight hours, then make the most of this. It opens up possibilities such as romantic picnics, hiking, trying a new sport together, or even a trip to the zoo; all romantic things you can do while the sun is still up.
If your relationship needs a bit of a kick start, then try organising a date night. Whether you go out and try something new, or simply go to your favourite restaurant and talk, your relationship will soon see the benefits of spending some quality time together.
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