How to know if you’re ready to start dating after a breakup

Are you wondering whether you're ready to get back on the dating wagon? Read on for tips on making sure you're completely prepared

The post breakup period can be an emotional whirlwind full of tears and bitter sweet happiness and more often than not, getting back into the dating scene is the last thing you want to do. Dating event organisers at My Friend Charlie explain the signs that show you’re ready for the dating game again.


1. You want to date for the right reasons

If you are thinking of dating with the sole aim to make your ex jealous it may mean you’re not ready for a new partner. However, if you feel that you’re able to approach dating with an open mind, focusing solely on meeting someone new, it’s a good sign that you’re ready to move on.

If needs be, be open with your date early on about your past relationship and its duration and explain how you’re getting back into the dating scene, ready to invest your time into someone new. This will not only make you feel at ease but help you to remove any thoughts of your past relationships from the very beginning, helping to concentrate on your date.


2. Your negative emotions towards the break up are starting to fade

A breakup can leave you feeling like you have hit rock bottom and your emotions may every now and then get the better of you. It’s completely natural for the first few weeks to be tough, tears and sleepless nights are completely normal—they can even be a healthy way to grieve the relationship for some people. It is important to know that these feeling will subside in time and that even the bad days will pass.

Once you’ve had some time alone to digest the break up and are beginning to meet with friends on a regular basis, this shows you’re ready to “mingle” again. Friends are there to offer support and when you find yourself regularly meeting up and heading out of the house, your confidence will be back to full.


3. Songs become meaningless

Late night drives, holiday playlists or bedroom jams, there’s no doubt you and your ex-partner will have certain songs that when played, bring back memories and for the large part, this can be difficult to move past. In the post breakup period, nine times out of 10 you’re likely to skip the song in a heartbeat.

After time, this will soon rub off and if your first thought isn’t an immediate flash back, it shows you’re on the right path to start dating again no doubt adding some new songs to that list!


4. You begin to look at others with attraction

If you were on public transport or walking through town with your partner, it’s likely you wouldn’t have paid any attention to people you could potentially be attracted to. Your first few weeks of being single could see you keeping the same mentality. Head down, avoiding any attractive individuals.

As soon as you start to look at others with attraction and begin to create an image in your head of a potential partner, it could be the sign that you’re ready to get to know someone else. Once you start to feel more like your old self, you will naturally begin to have more fun and notice new people, which could soon see a potential partner gravitate towards you.


5. You look past their social media channels

Constantly checking an ex’s social media is something that’s hard to break away from, especially after a break up. It’s only natural that we want to see what they’re up to, who they’re posting pictures with and whether they look like they’ve moved on.

However, there will soon be a time where this begins to fade away and your first thought isn’t to stalk their profile. Instead, keeping yourself to yourself and focusing on getting out of the house and meeting someone new is a good way to avoid social media altogether, often leading to a happier you!


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