Here’s how to impress your girlfriend’s parents in the first meeting itself!

Okay, boys, we’ll give this one to you. You have aced it by winning the heart of your crush, who is now your girlfriend; but, is that it? Are you by any chance under the impression that the job is done? Well, guess what awaits? The parents!

They are often considered the “toughest nuts to crack”. There is no middle ground here. Either you win or miserably lose. But we have got you covered. Here is a short but sufficient guide that consists of all the must-dos and don’ts hit the jackpot when meeting your future-in-laws the first time. So, get set to learn one of the most important lessons of your life in a few minutes. Let’s go.

Judging a book by its cover

As far as the concerned person is the man their daughter wishes to spend their life with, judging a book by its work is completely alright. Now here, the cover does not imply looks but how well dressed and groomed you are. Imagine having a daughter. Would you let her get married to a man who barely takes a shower and is usually dressed in shorts and vests? I guess not.

Now the aim is to dress in simple, semi-formal yet comfortable clothes. A few spirits of perfume along with handsome, well-groomed hair and beard can create a long-lasting effect. To add to your undeniable charm, make sure that you are wearing shoes that are proper too. It’s all about being yourself while still being presentable.

(Almost) Everyone has a sweet tooth

Sweets have the power to change the mood and atmosphere of any situation. Carrying chocolates or traditional sweets when visiting the girlfriend’s parents is a very subtle way of showing that you are grateful and happy visiting. A creative way of doing this is by carrying a multipurpose sweet bouquet consisting of various sweets organised in an attractive manner. Along with the sweet treat you can also carry flowers or fruits/beverages to add a visual and emotional effect to your little appreciation gift. This can be bought offline as well as online, where you can find multiple ideas and options to choose from. Thank us later.


Manners maketh a man

While it is understandable that we all come from different backgrounds, asking your partner beforehand what her parents are like and what sort of behaviour they would like or dislike might make you sound desperate. 

The only thing which could come to your rescue here is observation. Keenly observe all your potential parents-in-law throughout the meet. If they do not like conversations at the dinner table, try to make as little talk as possible. Sometimes, small talk actually works. If they love it, don’t shy away from letting them know how much you love and adore their daughter. It’s all about making the most out of every little chance you get, so make sure you put your best foot forward.


Alright, mighty men, now that you have our teeny tiny but fool-proof, ‘best boyfriend in the world’ guide, make sure you use it. Also, they are just parents, so do not get offended by little remarks as they could be a tricky test to see your reaction or, in their words, ’ true colours’. Be respectful, kind, and most importantly, a good listener and your lady love will be all yours.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? If yes, then how did you manage to take the trophy back home? Let us know the secret tricks that you think work the best when it comes to impressing the future in-laws. We might just steal some of ’em! 

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