Getting back into dating? You're not alone!

Did you know the baby boomer generation makes up most users of online dating sites? So if you're getting back out there, the good news is that you're far from alone.

You're not alone!

dating later in life

Crunching ice in her teeth on a popular talk chat show recently, Diane Keaton declared it was due to her sexual frustration. The media reacted to the 70-year-old actress’s admission in shock, as though our natural desires should switch off like a tap on a timer.

And with the media playing out the image of online dating like a scene from your granddaughter’s latest tween film, the dating world might look a little polished and peppy. Where’s the baggage! The shared understanding of empty nest syndrome over a coffee? And we don’t mean a cream topped goblet of sugar and chemicals, thanks.



"30% of men over 65 and 60% of women live alone"



Popular online dating site has stated that the baby boomer generation are in fact their most prevalent members and fastest growing consumer group. It’s a buoying and reassuring statement, indicative of the reality of our generation of older singletons. There are more of us out there than we think. Just take a look at recent figures from revealing that 30% of men over 65 and 60% of women live alone.

There’s a reason we’re single at this stage, with life’s inevitable obstacles and events changing our status quo, but it’s also because we’re downright picky. And so we should be.


There is an alternative

dating in later life

Readers Digest online dating site is just for over 40’s with a surplus of commendable members that you can peruse at your leisure. On the website, you can read the success stories while you decide whether signing up is really your bag. Take Richard for example, who found Sally at 60:

"Sally was the first person I was able to pluck up the courage to message on here, and I’m so glad I did! 6 months on we’re planning our first holiday together. If you’d told me I’d be doing that 12 months ago I wouldn’t have believed you."

Why not see for yourself? Visit Reader's Digest Dating where you’ll find just four simple steps to register: 

  1. Create a profile for free
  2. Find a match for free
  3. Pay an affordable membership fee
  4. Start chatting to your match right away! Your new phase of life starts now. 


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