Getting back in the dating game when you're over 50

So you’re over 50 and you’re single, now is the perfect time to get back in the dating game. But are you finding the thought of dating daunting? We’ve come to the rescue with some helpful guidance.

Reasons to start dating over 50

Life begins at 50. The kids fly the nest, you can begin thinking about retirement, you have more disposable income and much more time to do all things you want to. Even though there are plenty of fun things to do alone, some things are simply better shared; holidays, walks in the country, going to the cinema, eating out, or just chilling in front of your favourite TV show. 

The most difficult aspect of dating is deciding to put yourself 'out there'. Whether you've been badly hurt in the past, or feel guilty about moving on, getting back in the dating game is easy, safe and comfortable, and you can go as quickly or as slowly as you need.


Getting pro-active

What are you seeking is a soulmate? The starting point is to find someone with the same interests and habits that you have yourself. How to do that is where things get interesting.

Going out

You could join local clubs that cater for your interests in the hope of finding that special someone. You could scour the neighbourhood for likely looking singles, or become a regular at the local pub. Speed dating might do it for you. The most effective way to find partners today, no matter what your age, is via online dating sites.

Get Online

On an online dating site, it is up to you to present yourself and your motives honestly so that if a match leads to a meeting, neither side will feel disappointed or misled.


Going on a date

Whatever the source, accept only first dates that are in a public place, suggested only after a decent interval during which you feel confident that you have thoroughly checked out your admirer. When you turn up, if it’s an online date, ensure you look like your picture, which should show you warts and all (no Photoshop or pictures from 10 years ago!!!)

When the date is arranged, make sure friends or family know where you are and when. Following these basic rules will ensure that if the connection promised is about to happen, it will! Now get out there and get back in the game. 


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