Are you a good kisser?

"When it comes to getting a second date or pursuing a long term relationship, bad kissing can be the ultimate deal breaker. A study by Psychology Professor Gordon Gallup found that 66 per cent of women and 59 per cent of men surveyed had broken up with someone because they were a bad kisser." Says relationship expert Katia Loisel. But how do you know if you're a bad kisser?

Top 5 Kissing Mistakes

To celebrate National Kissing Day on July 6th, EliteSingles spoke with Kissing, Relationship and Body Language Expert Katia Loisel to discover the ultimate turn-offs in the kissing stakes:

The sloppy kiss

It’s generally men that go for the full-on sloppy kiss because a big wet open-mouthed kiss releases testosterone. This can help women get in the mood… but don’t go for too much too soon.

The dead fish 

Nothing’s going to turn someone off faster than the dead fish. Kissing is a game best played with two – so if you’re into them, don’t just sit there, show some enthusiasm and let them know that you’re into the kiss as well.

The tongue down the throat

You might not be able to take your hands off them, but don’t turn kissing into a competition to see how long they can hold their breath.

The darting tongue

Darting your tongue in and out of their mouth like a snake isn’t likely to get you a second date. Studies show that men rate tongue kissing higher than women, so spice things up by alternating between a hot and heavy smooch and a more sensual kiss.

The hard kiss

Avoid plunging into the hard kiss (usually accompanied by a gentle grab of the hair or pushing up against a hard surface) unless you’ve tested the waters first. Of course if they lunge at you first or they’re into it, then it’s all systems go!

Loisel implores the importance of a good kiss.

‘In addition to leaving us feeling as though we're walking on clouds, research has found that kissing promotes connection and relaxation, improves perceived relationship satisfaction and self-esteem, reduces stress and anxiety and boosts the immune system. During a hot passionate kiss all of our senses are activated and convey information about our genetic makeup and compatibility. This information helps us to make a subconscious decision about whether our kissing partner is a suitable match.’

And just for a bit of kissing inspiration, here's that snake hipped, saucepot Prince with Kiss!

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