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5 tips to save money on a wedding amidst record inflation

5 tips to save money on a wedding amidst record inflation

Financially speaking, it's been a struggle for the last few years.

Beginning with the Covid-19 pandemic, followed by a war-induced energy shock, and continuing with soaring inflation — money's getting quite tight for most people in the UK.

That doesn't mean life won't go on. It just means a fair bit of belt-tightening is now the order of the day. There are, however, some traditionally expensive life events that resist attempts to rein in costs. One of the biggest among them is marriage. The average wedding in the UK now costs an eye-popping £17,300. That's a tall order for many at a time like this.

The good news is that there are ways to cut down on wedding costs while still having the wedding of your dreams. Here are five tips to put together a wedding on a budget that will still be an event to remember.

1. Avoid weekend weddings

Your wedding venue is typically one of the biggest-ticket items in your wedding budget. What you may not know, however, is that the date you choose to book it will influence its cost. Saturday weddings are by far the most expensive venue days. You could save £1,500 or more by choosing a weekday. Even planning your wedding for a Sunday will yield significant savings. Your best bet is to be as flexible as possible with your scheduling — it will always pay off.

2. Consider a non-traditional venue

Another way you could trim your venue costs is to avoid traditional wedding locations altogether. The fact is, catering halls and similar wedding venues count on making couples compete for available dates to push up their prices. You don't have to go along with that, though. Instead, consider holding your wedding at a pub or a village hall for some massive cost savings. Or, rent a holiday property — with the owner's permission, of course — and hold your wedding there. Either way, you'll save a hefty sum.

3. Choose a vintage or second-hand dress

As any bride can tell you, there aren't many nerve-wracking wedding decisions more consequential than choosing a dress. After all, brides want to look — and feel — their best on the big day. Here in the UK, that translates into spending an average of £1,500 on a wedding dress. That's quite an investment for an article of clothing you'll only wear once. Instead, you might consider purchasing a vintage wedding dress to show up in style for less. Or, you could buy a dress from another recent bride through Bride2Bride. That's a way to get the latest in wedding dress fashion without the exorbitant cost. And you could also resell it after your wedding for even more savings.

4. Send digital invitations

Even in the age of the smartphone, fancy, physical wedding invitations still rule the day. The question is, why? Chances are, almost every person a modern couple invites to their wedding — save their grandparents, perhaps — would RSVP all the same with a digital invitation. Going digital can save a significant sum on printing and mailing costs. And, they don't mean giving up on having a fancy invitation design — digital invites can still be elegant and beautiful reminders of your big day.

5. (Don't) let them eat cake

One of the big wedding costs that tend to take couples by surprise is the cost of their wedding cake. Today, it's not uncommon for large wedding cakes to cost upward of £300 or more, depending on their design. That's an awful lot of money, especially when you consider that it's not uncommon for much of a wedding cake to go to waste. As an alternative, you might consider ordering a smaller cake and making it appear larger with a few faux layers. It's becoming such a popular money-saving option that some wedding venues even offer it as a service.

A wedding to remember

The fact of the matter is that it's not easy to afford a wedding in today's economic environment. The five money-saving tips covered here should help, though. So, for couples trying to plan the wedding of their dreams — take hope — the event you've been dreaming of doesn't have to be as expensive as you might have thought. Enjoy your wedding!

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