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5 of the hottest DIY Valentine's Day gifts

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5 of the hottest DIY Valentine's Day gifts
Flowers, stuffed animals and chocolates have been common Valentine's Day gifts for decades. However, a more creative gift shows deeper thought and care for your loved one
When you make the gift yourself, it will become a treasured keepsake or memory. These are some creative Valentine's Day ideas that your sweetheart is sure to love.

Soap or bath bombs

This is one of the best Valentine's Day ideas for a significant other who loves bath and body care products. You can approach this idea in two ways. First, you can make it on your own and give it to your sweetheart as a surprise. Second, you can do the project together as a couple. These are a few examples of some fun Valentine's Day themes:
  • Cold process soap with color swirls.
  • Multi-layer bath bombs with sparkles or multiple colors and scents.
  • Heart-shaped soaps or bath bombs.
If you opt to approach your project together as a couple, one important tip to remember is to do your research in advance. Some soaps and bath bomb recipes are multi-day projects. If this is the case, you may want to start some of the prep work on your own and time it so that you and your sweetheart can complete the finishing touches together. 
Another idea to go along with this is to let your loved one take a relaxing soak with the new bath products while you make a romantic dinner. This idea would work if you made your gift on your own in advance. There are plenty of online tutorials and videos for making bath bombs and soaps. After you find a recipe that you like, you can order the supplies now to ensure that they arrive in time for Valentine's Day.

Etched wine glasses

If you have never done glass etching, practice on some old glasses first. You may also want to add a design, such as a heart or a set of rings. If this is the case, you will also need a stencil and a tutorial for how to etch your desired image. This idea can also be great for a proposal. For example, you can etch your proposal words on a wine glass.
Although there are DIY tutorials that suggest using a plain razor blade to etch glass, it is better and safer to use tools that are designed for glass etching. You can usually find a starter kit at a craft store for a reasonable price. If you wish, you can make a set of wine glasses with your name on one and your partner's name on the other. You may instead want to put both of your names together on each glass. Some people like to add the date that they met, started dating, got engaged or were married.
For beginners, there’s a good and straightforward tutorial on YouTube here.

Date night surprise box

If you and your partner have a hard time deciding what to do for date night, this is a way to solve that issue for the entire year. This is also an excellent idea if you are just starting to make a weekly date night a tradition in your relationship. Additionally, this is one of the better romantic gift ideas if you are on a tight budget for Valentine's Day this year. 
Decorate a box with pictures of you together and items that remind you of your relationship, inside jokes or memories together. Count out the number of date nights that you plan to have during the year, and try to think of something different for each one. Write each idea's specifics on a piece of paper. For example, you can write dinner at a specific restaurant and a movie at a certain theater. You can also have stay-at-home date nights. These are a few general ideas for stay-at-home dates:
  • Pasta, wine and movies at home.
  • Board game night with brownies.
  • Back massages and make dinner together.
Each week, you or your partner will pull out one piece of paper, and you can use that idea for the week. Additionally, you can make a tradition of taking a photo together on each date night and putting it in a scrapbook to document a year full of good memories.

Engraved candle

If glass etching sounds too challenging or expensive, this idea will not require as much time or money. You can buy a candle that is already made or make one. Alternately, you and your date can make a candle together as a Valentine's Day project. If you choose to make one, you will need to buy a candle kit or purchase the supplies individually. Find some tutorials for how to make candles if you have never done it before. You can also buy two pre-made candles, some paint and a small craft knife to engrave candles and paint the engraved areas. These are some examples of ideas you can use for engraving candles:
  • Each person engraves a candle with a message for the other person.
  • Engrave a candle together with your names or initials.
  • Engrave a candle for your loved one with a special date, quote or other message.

Custom candy box

If you know or can guess the types of candies that your Valentine likes, you can buy a multi-compartment craft box and several candies as a surprise. You can decorate the box with paint, glitter or other creative touches. Perhaps you may want to put a photo of a favorite memory together on the box. Since pre-packaged chocolate boxes are overrated gifts, this is a unique way to give your Valentine exactly the types of candies or chocolates she or he prefers. Ask your partner's friends or family members for suggestions if you are unsure about favorite candies. If your loved one does not eat candy, you can substitute dried fruit, nuts or other non-perishable snacks. 
You can also modify these romantic gift ideas or add your own creative twist to them. If you want to celebrate in several ways for the entire day, you can use multiple ideas from the list or find other creative ways to surprise your Valentine. If you enlist your creativity, you are sure to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift ideas for you and your special someone to have a meaningful and memorable day.
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