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5 Mature dating myths debunked


1st Jan 2015 Dating & Relationships

5 Mature dating myths debunked
Many things can deter us from getting back into the dating pool. The demoralising myths lurking behind the so-called 'mature dating scene' only serve to exacerbate this dread. Here are a few we’ve debunked for you:

They must be desperate

Just because they’re single now doesn’t mean they’re over-eager to meet anyone.
Life throws us multiple reasons to take charge of our love lives that have nothing to do with validating our own self-worth.
Our careers can often take precedent over dating until we reach a certain age, for example. Which brings us to the next myth:

They’ll be married to their job

Perhaps it’s a good idea to look at your own situation here and realise you may be in a similar position. But if you’re both looking to get back into dating, chances are you’re ready to change up your routine and make room for romance.
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They must have a fear of commitment

Perhaps they’re thinking the same about us. Yet just because we’re single right now doesn’t mean we want to be forever.
The reasons their previous relationships didn’t work out might be the same reasons you’ll get along swimmingly.

There aren’t any singles left

There are over 7 million single men and about 6 million single women over 40 in the UK. It’s just simple maths that at least one of those will be a catch for you.
Statistically, if you live near a main transport link, there are over 2000 single men and 1800 single women within a 40-mile radius. And that’s just the ones looking for love online

What are you waiting for?

So why not brush up your online profile and see who’s out there for you?
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