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4 Fail-safe ways to get more matches on dating apps

4 Fail-safe ways to get more matches on dating apps
Even in today's wild west of dating apps, people are still finding love online. If you're struggling to meet someone, try these quick tips to get more matches 
Part of your struggle with getting good matches is definitely a result of people using dating apps for the wrong reasons. We all have that one friend who uses dating apps specifically for hook-ups and hook-ups only.
Unfortunately, apps like Tinder have become hubs for people who are tired of just watching videos on Pornhub.

People are finding love on dating apps

Finding love is still possible on dating apps with a few small changes
While it may be true that some dating apps that were created with pure intentions have gone to s**t, there are still a few good ones, and there are still singles who find love on dating apps.
"Of the 52 per cent that have used dating apps, 12 per cent have found love"
In fact, a study done in the US claims that of the 52 per cent that have used dating apps, 12 per cent have found love. The numbers may not be high, but people are still finding love via the apps.
That said, your misfortune when it comes to online dating may very well be your own doing. But don’t worry, all hope isn’t lost. There are a couple of easy tips you can follow to start getting better matches today.

Use good quality photos

First things first, invest in some quality photos. We may not like to admit it, but we can all be a little shallow. Don’t believe me? Look at the people you do and don’t swipe on. How often do you swipe right on someone simply because of their snaps?
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to date people we find attractive—attraction is essential. But it’s not just about being conventionally attractive, it’s about the quality of our photos.
Many of us are pretty good-looking but are just bad at taking photos. Some of us try to hide behind group photos or extreme close-up shots. The problem is that not only do people struggle to see or spot us, but they interpret these choices of photos as insecure.
Listen, we all feel insecure about ourselves, but we can’t allow those insecurities to prevent us from finding love—which is your birthright, by the way. So, ask your most stylish friend to give you a makeover—nothing too much because you’re enough as you are—and to take some quality snaps for you.

Work on your bio

If you're struggling to write your bio, ask your friends to help you
I’ve noticed a lot of people putting their requirements and turn-offs in their bios, and while this may seem innocuous to you, it tends to send the wrong message. People often perceive people who do this as stuck-up or negative.
I get it, you want everyone to know that you’re not on the app for hook-ups, but refrain from putting an entire shopping list of turn-offs and boundaries.
Use honey not vinegar. You’re more likely to get better matches if you not only keep it about you and keep it positive, but if you write something witty and funny. I’m willing to bet that you’ve swiped right on someone because you thought their bio was cheeky, even if you may not have found them attractive initially.
This shows that personality matters, so if you have a great personality, use this as an opportunity to shine. If wit isn’t your strong suit, stick to interesting facts about yourself. Can’t think of any? Ask your loved ones to help you out.

Widen your net

Now for the swiping. You’re probably doing an amazing job at swiping right on people you find attractive, but doing that clearly hasn’t yielded the results you desire. Widen your net.
Now, I’m not saying you should swipe on people you don’t find attractive. What I am saying is that the love of your life may not come in the package you expected.
"Be open to the possibility that the love of your life may not look how you envisioned them"
Plenty of couples consist of one party reporting that if they had met the love of their life under different circumstances—for example, on a dating app—they most likely would not have paired up.
You may not have the shiniest profile but you’re a great match, right? I hope you said “yes”. Be open to the possibility that the love of your life may not look how you envisioned them, especially on an app. Try swiping right and engaging with people you wouldn’t under normal circumstances.

Look further away

Lastly, invest in features that allow you to match with people who may live a little further from you. I know this may not be ideal but the reality is that not everyone’s soulmate lives in the same city as they do.
If you come from a small town, you know you may not have that many people to work with, so again widen your net.
"Not everyone’s soulmate lives in the same city as they do"
Plenty of people find love in different cities, do long distance for a while and relocate. And plenty of them live happily ever after.
Sure, it may require you to invest more time, effort and resources, but if you have the means to do so, why not do it for love? You may be pleasantly surprised.
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