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10 Memorable Valentine's Day gifts for her

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10 Memorable Valentine's Day gifts for her
A list of of memorable gifts you can get for your partner this Valentine's Day
The big day is just around the corner and with people having so many different interests and hobbies, it can be difficult to know what to buy your partner to make them feel loved. Going for something traditional as a gift is a tried-and-true method, but it can be fun to go for something quirky as well to mix things up.
With that in mind—from shimmering jewellery to colourful bath bombs, here are some delightful Valentine’s gift ideas that will make her feel like a queen.

For a classy gift: Rose and necklace set

The red rose has become as synonymous with Valentine’s Day as bunnies have with Easter and this simple gift set makes use of that fact. With an authentic rose, to symbolise love and gratitude—preserved in an acrylic case and accompanied by a creatively designed heart-shaped necklace.

For candle lovers: Aromatherapy candle gift set

This six-piece candle gift set makes for a great gift idea, combining several scents from jasmine to wild berry, for sweet and refreshing smells—none of which are overpowering. They’re long lasting and won’t create a mess after they’ve burnt out—perfect for relaxation, stress relief and letting your partner unwind after a busy week.

For fans of quirky crockery: VAHDAM girlfriend mug

This insulated travel mug comes with a quirky inscription that should give both you and your partner a chuckle.
It’s a fun gift for couples on a budget, with a bit of a personality but in addition it’s also vacuum-insulated, which makes it great for keeping drinks warmer for longer (for up to four hours).

For bringing the spa home: Luxury spa gift box

You can bring the experience of a luxury spa—well, part of it home with this nifty gift box filled with self-care goodies. It’s all handmade and cruelty-free, including soap, bath soak and a Tuberose & Jasmine candle, perfect for helping to unwind, de-stress and relax when needed.

For some home relaxation: Maylawn bath bomb gift set

Bath bombs have significantly grown in popularity in recent years— they’re skincare products that can create an aromatic explosion of colours in a bath.
This set of twelve is cruelty-free and creates calming aromas, with plant extracts, essential oils and minerals which are soothing for the skin, also helping with moisturisation. Health benefits aside, they also make for an enjoyable and and out-of the-ordinary bath time, with some added de-stressing!

For targeted relief: Neck and shoulder heated massager

This heated massager provides relief for the neck and shoulders with vibrations and heat therapy, helping to stimulate blood flow and soothe the targeted muscle groups. It’s mains powered with an AC adapter, and a great gift for providing quick, simple relief.

For making memories: Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

The Instax mini cameras by Fujifilm are instant cameras, meaning they use self-developing film and print-out photos shortly after they’re taken, which is ideal for quick photo taking on the go.
This camera features a selfie mode for taking the best photo of yourself, and adaptive flash, measuring the correct amount of brightness for a shot in dark or light settings. The Instax mini 11 comes in a variety of different colours, is light, compact and its hand strap makes it a brilliant companion—allowing for quick, high-quality snaps, which is perfect for a romantic trip.

For keeping organised: Stackers classic jewellery box

Keeping organised in the home is never a bad thing, and this Stackers jewellery box does just that. With several compartments for keeping rings, earrings, and necklaces neat and orderly, the box itself also comes in a few different colours to match a bedroom’s colour or just to stand out on its own.

For statement piece lovers: AOBOCO infinity bracelet

Gift your loved one this stylish infinity bracelet, made of aquamarine Austrian crystal, and symbolising lasting love and companionship. The bracelet also comes with birthstone crystals in a range of different colours, depending on what’s most appealing.
It’s a simple, yet delicately designed piece of jewellery that makes for a thoughtful Valentine’s gift.

For classic watch fans: Sekonda quartz watch

Sekonda watch
In the age of smartwatches and digital displays, it can be a personal touch to go for a classic look—an analogue watch as a gift for your partner. This Sekonda watch has an elegant rose gold-plated alloy bracelet and case, which will work for both casual and more formal occasions.
It also combines a minimalist watch face with four distinct colour options to suit different tastes, it’s a great time-piece that proves your love.
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