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Tis the season to be jolly? Offering good will to some, but not all

Tis the season to be jolly? Offering good will to some, but not all

The festive season is fast approaching but as we dust off our baubles and prepare for the big day, are we filled with tidings of joy or more resigned to disappointment than a Bernard Matthews’ farm resident. A new survey from luxury retailer Alison at Home has looked at how the UK is feeling in the countdown to Christmas.

Shopping mad

Predictably, most of us (53%) start our shopping in November with 24% kick starting our efforts as soon as autumn kicks in. Interestingly, 12% of us start our Christmas shopping in the Boxing Day Sales and a lazy few (11%) leave it right to the last minute.

High Street Christmas Shopping

Webby Christmas

It will be a lean mean Christmas for the high street this year – 65% of us plan to do more shopping online than last year with better pricing (47%) and queueing (31%) cited as the principle reasons why.

Christmas on the High Street


A time for giving

Not all of us relish the Christmas shop with 42% baulking at the expense of presents. More than 1 in 3 UK shoppers (39%) dread the prospect of buying for an awkward guest or family member.

Awkward christmas gifts


Eat and be merry

When it comes to the food shop, 47% of us admit to always buying too much food with just 4% of those surveyed finding themselves with not enough to go round. Just under half of us (49%) take the more practical approach of getting just the right amount in the knowledge that shops are only closed for a few days.

Buy too much food for christmas


Gobbling turkey?

Some say it’s not Christmas without turkey but 1 in 4 (27%) of us will be snubbing the Christmas staple and serving an alternative for the Christmas feast. A further 15% of us will be having turkey “because it’s Christmas after all” with just 58% of us nailing our colours to the turkey mast.

Christmas Turkey


Left out in the cold?

Ever wondered which festive foods never get eaten? Our survey shows that figs and nuts are the most commonly spurned with 32% of us putting them in the bin rather than in our mouths. Coffee creams (27%),

Christmas pudding (23%) and turkey (17%) also found themselves on the scrap and compost heaps.

Figs and Nuts are the least popular foods


Happy new fear…

Carols, presents, Dr Who; we all have our Christmas favourites but what are we looking forward to the least this Christmas. Top of the tree is awkward guests with mothers-in-law and drunk aunties taking 34% of the spoils. The Queen’s speech (28%) and preparing Christmas lunch (30%) are not filling us with glad tidings either.

Alison at Home

Survey conducted by Alison At Home

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