The ultimate 2020 Christmas gift guide

The ultimate 2020 Christmas gift guide
"A present for everyone" is the theme of 2020's gift guide, with a host of gifting ideas that'll inspire you even when it comes to your trickiest loved ones. 

For adventurers: Impala Skates

Roller skating has seen something of a renaissance in 2020, with TikTok videos of glamourous skaters dancing around parks across the world being met with millions of engagements. And during COVID-19, skating has provided many with a fun way to get outside and learn a new skill. 
If someone in your life remains firmly in touch with their inner child, Impala Skates are among the most beautiful of the skate models currently on the market. With matching safety pads also on sale, they make an ideal gift for amateurs and seasoned pros alike. 
Our favourite set is this pastel fade rainbow pair, with matching crash pads, retailing at £90. 
Alternatively, if you're feeling like bikes are so 2019, then a skateboard could be the perfect pick. This "Latis cruiser" board will sweep everyone off their feet as your "giftee" swooshes by (while they remain firmly on theirs). The funky retro 90s cartoon style on the underside is likely to make anyone you gift this to feel ultra in-touch with their teenage years, yet the understated rose emblazoned on the top keeps it classy. And, with comfortable wheels that don't jolt you over every bump they'll truly be cruising.

For plant parents: Barry's Cactus Club

Know a loved one who adores plants but can never keep them alive? A subscription to Barry's Cactus Club could be the perfect solution. 
Starting from £15 for one month, Barry's Cactus Club deliver a cute cactus along with care instructions and a bag of bulbs for plant enthusiasts to coo over. 
Not only will your giftee receive a cute cactus, but they'll arrive in a pre-selected artisan pot, so they won't have to hurry around finding their new plant a suitable home. 

For fragrance enthusiasts: Art de Parfum

We’re obsessed with this independent, ethical brand with a passionate, modern approach to perfumery. We’ve tried out their Excentrique Moi and Encore Une Fois scents which exude intriguing mystery, sexiness and character, but it’s their latest fragrance, provocatively called Le Joker, that completely floored us. The winner of “Best Niche Fragrance 2020” at the Pure Beauty Awards, it’s a show-stopping, alluringly unsettling yet somehow familiar scent that you’re bound to keep coming back to. Featuring woody and spicy notes of pink pepper, cedarwood and nutmeg, you can be certain that no one will smell as uniquely as you, wherever you go. RRP £114

For haircare obsessives: Nicky Clarke Izora Supershine Straighteners

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, let's take a moment to admire the candy-like aesthetic of these gorgeous straighteners. The glossy, two-tone, somewhat futuristic-looking design is a treat for the eyes, turning your hair care routine into a special ritual every time.  
Then, there are the numerous benefits these straighteners will bring to your locks: ceramic-coated plates provide even heat distribution for smooth, snag-free styling and, when combined with the ionic technology, help to eliminate frizz for gorgeous, glossy results. The innovative steam conditioning protects your hair by nourishing and locking in moisture, and the five different heat settings will help you set the optimum temperature for your hair type. Wins all round! RRP £44.99

For foodies: Good Cake Day Hamper

Good Cake Day is already known for making the most delicious brownies known to man—perfect to send to loved ones in need of a pick-me-up—but their new Christmas hamper goes one step beyond.
Priced at £155, the Merry Treasures Hamper contains 11 luxury products, each from a female-founded business. From sugar cookies to tea to a bottle of merlot and, of course, some signature brownies, the contents of this hamper must be seen to truly be believed. And if a hamper isn't your thing? Check out the Good Cake Day website for a host of other delicious options, starting from just £5.

For the one who's young at heart: Absolute collagen

We'd all be lying if we said we didn't want to drink from the fountain of youth every so often. The best thing is that now, you sort of can. For any of your loved ones wanting to retain their youthful glow, these delicious sachets are also packed with protein and essential amino acids and vitamin C, which works synergistically with marine collagen for optimum rejuvenation and tissue renewal.
The wonderful part is, they really work! 93 per cent of Absolute Collagen users reported softer skin and 61 per cent noticed a reduction of wrinkles. 

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Super Serum Elixir

This wonderfully silky anti-wrinkle serum will change your skincare regime forever! Perfect for applying on freshly cleansed skin before your moisturiser, this product will nourish, soothe and dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. 
Powered by the unique blend of intelligent bio-actives such as Anti-Aging Tri-Peptides, African Birch Bark, Red Seaweed and Padina Pavonica, and presented in luxurious packaging, it makes the perfect Christmas gift to anyone seeking to achieve a more youthful complexion. RRP £35.50

Foreo LUNA 3 Sonic Facial Cleanser & Firming Massager

Tech geeks will love this app-controlled sonic facial cleanser and anti-ageing massager. With soft silicone touchpoints issuing 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations at any of 16 different intensity levels every minute, the 100 per cent waterproof device syncs with the FOREO For You app to select pulsation intensity and massage levels appropriate for your skin type.
Your skin will be left feeling smoother, plumper and fresher, with visibly reduced wrinkles and fine lines. The products also maximises the absorption of other skincare products, meaning you'll be really getting the most out of your cosmetics. RRP £135.20

For fans of the finer things: Lanson Champagne

Le White Label champagne bottle
You can't have Christmas without bubbles, and perhaps some of the crispest on the market come in a bottle of Lanson. 
Le White Label Sec makes an excellent gift for the wine connoisseur in your life, with its sweet and light flavour delivering soft and delicate flavours of white fruits and flowers. After a difficult 12 months to say the least, what better way to mark the end of 2020 than to pop a bottle of the good stuff?

For the last to bed: Disaronno Velvet

The ideal nightcap to end a busy Christmas day, this new release from the behemoth Disarrono brand is a delicious and sophisticated festive drink.
A great alternative to Christmas favourites such as Bailey's or Eggnog, this thick liquor is delectably smooth with the signature Disaronno taste, ideal for sipping alongside one final slice of stollen. 

For music lovers: Beats by Dre

beats by dre studio 3 in matt black
Beats by Dre products already have a reputation for unrivalled sound quality, allowing users to hear elements of their favourite songs more clearly than ever before, but the new Studio 3 Wireless headphones (£299.95) take this superior sound quality and noise cancellation to a whole new level. 
The music lover in your life will love the long battery life (up to 22 hours with just 10 minutes charge time) and the minimal but powerful external controls. Plus, the slick design makes it a gift that's stylish as well as effective.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 Headphones

These incredibly stylish headphones are the perfect marriage of great sound and great aesthetics. Anyone who’s ever dealt with B&O products before knows that this iconic Danish electronics brand does not mess around when it comes to audio tech, and these wireless, noise-cancelling headphones are no exception. The sound is rich and engaging, while the thick memory foam earpads feel super comfortable on your ears. The headphones also include Google Assistant integration which is incredibly handy if you want your messages and notifications read out to you.
As is customary for B&O, it’s also a visually stunning product, featuring luxurious leather, metal and canvas elements that come together in a sleek, expensive-looking design. RRP £450

Astell&Kern A&norma SR25 portable music player

Struggling to think of a gift for the audiophile in your life who already has the newest premium headphones and a spanking new hi-fi system everyone’s talking about? You might surprise them with this one—especially if they move around a lot and have an enormous hi-res music library (which of course they do, right?).
A portable high-resolution music player, the SR25 was designed with the intention to recreate the music in a way that was originally intended by the artist. With it, you can wirelessly stream 24-bit hi-res audio to compatible speakers, headphones or IEMs and enjoy 20+ hours of continuous music playback.
The sound is rich, subtle and incredibly detailed, meaning you might often notice new elements of your favourite songs which you never clocked before—something that’s especially evident on densely layered tracks in the likes of Pink Floyd or even classical orchestral pieces. RRP £649.00

For stationery lovers: Paper Gang by Ohh Deer

Paper Gang box contents
Stationery lovers and creatives will delight in this gorgeous subscription box from Ohh Deer landing on their doorstep each month. 
Working with creatives from across the UK, Paper Gang presents a collection of themed stationery each month, including treats such as stamps, pens, washi tape and letter writing sets to name but a few each month. 
At £14 per month, you could choose to gift three months or a whole year to the creative in your life—you're certain to get a beautifully crafted thank you note in return!

For the one who doesn't drink: Three Spirit drinks

Christmas is an especially difficult time if you've chosen to give up alcohol. Whatever your motive for abstaining, seeing everybody else enjoy a drink around the fire can be tricky, particularly when the alternatives are lukewarm fizzy drinks or soulless mixers. Here's where Three Spirit comes in.
These delicious non-alcoholic spirits have all the sophistication of alcohol—as well as the elevated design and flavour—without the Boxing Day hangover. Select from the Livener, Social Elixir or The Nightcap or invest in all three to guide yourself through the waves of the evening. 

For the makeup guru: Charlotte Tilbury Bejewelled Eyes to Hypnotise

When it comes to eyeshadow, Charlotte Tilbury truly never misses. And makeup lovers all over will know that a creamy texture coupled with a rich colour pay off is the only way an eyeshadow should be. Gift this to anyone in your circle who is known to wow with luxurious eye looks, or someone new to the game who wants to experiment over the Christmas period with a sparkling entrance into the makeup world.

For green-minded travellers: 

American Tourister At Eco Spinner

The eco-conscious jetsetter in your life is bound to be pleased with this nifty spinner made from recycled PET bottles. Part of American Tourister’s newest eco-friendly collection, Eco Spin, it contributes to the protection of the environment by using post-consumer materials. The suitcase is incredibly light and easy to carry around thanks to its rubber handles, ball wheels and cord zipper pullers that make it convenient to quickly pack and unpack, even when you’re on the go. RRP £119.00

Samsonite Spark SNG Eco

As for a slightly more elegant, yet still completely eco-friendly version, you can’t go wrong with this sleek option from Samsonite featuring stunning genuine cork detail. Not only will this case instantly give your airport look a stylish boost, but it also features a number of small yet incredibly convenient features such as a pair of clips on the inside that hold up the restraining straps meaning they don’t get in the way when you trying to pack; or a metal cable that fits through the three locks of the case, adding some extra security. RRP £185.00

For packing perfectionists:

STM Myth tech backpack

If you know someone who gets a bit of a buzz from a neatly packed laptop, arranged cables, special little pockets for earbuds and spare batteries and all, they’ll be over the moon with this stylish tech backpack. It boasts a number of innovative features such as SlingTech Protection which suspends your laptop off the floor of the bag and away from the sides, or the CableReady Routing System which uses cut outs between sections and cable clips to keep charging chords neatly routed through the bag. And the cherry on top? The elegant look, including three colour schemes you can choose from. RRP £99.95

Culthread Blenheim Puffer Bag

Lovers of big, comfy and practical bags, meet your favourite new accessory! Though incredibly spacious and sturdy, this cool-looking puffer bag is also very light and soft to touch, made of polyester fabric on the outside and fuzzy cheetah faux-fur on the inside. It’s also wonderfully versatile, meaning you can use it to carry anything: gym gear, work documents, groceries, make up – you name it. The bag is also made mostly out of 100 per cent recycled material so it’s a perfect gift for any of your eco-conscious friends. RRP £180

For bookworms: Love My Read

Members of the Love My Read subscription (which can be signed up to for a variety of durations), log in at the start of each month to select a book from a variety of exciting titles, including brand new books posted out to them on the day of release.
Accompanied by goodies including face masks, snacks, tote bags and a monthly zine complete with puzzles, it's a delightful self-care kit for bookworms and the perfect way to say "I love you" this Christmas, especially when you can't be with your loved one in person. 
Use our unique code "RDIGEST20" for 20% off your order. 

For bakers: Salter Eco Bamboo Rechargeable Digital Kitchen Scale

Forget stashing your scales away in an overcrowded cupboard after finishing your latest showstopper—these gorgeous scales are so handsome, they'll earn a permanent place on your worktop. 
Made with just 2.5% plastic, they're also a more eco-friendly option than your standard all-plastic model, and USB charging means no disposable batteries either.
Present this to the baker in your life and you can be sure plentiful sweet treats will be your reward. The scales retail at £39.99.

For those with juicy lips: Dr. PAWPAW

The perfect gift for those who like to maintain a luscious pout, the best thing about this Dr. PAWPAW gift set is that it's so versatile. Whatever full glam or daily routine they're used for, they can also be swept over the cheeks for a well put together vibe. 
Don't forget that the colour is buildable, so subtle hints or full-on colour is totally up to the wearer!

For the interior lover: Neon Beach

Not only is it currently very in to have coloured lights in your bedroom (mostly thanks to Tik Tok), but neon signs are so much more than the harsh flashing lights of the past. From multiple designs and word phrases, Neon Beach lights are totally customisable, wonderful for that fashion-forward teenager or for a more grown-up version, gift one for placement over a drinks cart!

For crafters: We Are Knitters

Does the click-clack of needles soundtrack many of your conversations with a loved one? Then We Are Knitters could be an excellent choice of gift for them this year, especially to while away the hours as the world recovers from the COVID pandemic.
Providing baby soft wool, clear instructions and elegant needles, We Are Knitter kits are a hug in a bag. We particularly love the Mellow Blanket kit, retailing at £99, which is great for experts and beginners alike, which creates a gorgeous blanket to wrap around the shoulders of your giftee when you can't be there to put an arm around them yourself.

For stylish men: Rotary

You don't need us to tell you that Rotary are an iconic watch brand, but their offering for Christmas 2020 is particularly special.
Give the man in your life a gift that will last with one of their signature sophisticated watches. Our favourite model for the new year is the Henley GS05237/05 (RRP £199).
With a blue leather strap and rose gold accents, it's a stand out design without being overly showy and is sure to be loved for a lifetime. 

For stylish women:

Camden Watch Company, No 24 Mother of Pearl Watch
Camden watch in black with mother of pearl face
With an elegant and unique design, this stunning watch would make for a wonderful sentimental gift for partners, mothers or very dear friends.
Inspired by the No. 24 bus route which runs through Camden Town, it's a particularly sensitive choice for a London girl, with the minutes designed in a "train track" style to evoke a reminder of Camden's industrial past. 

Lebrusan stackable rings

Award-winning jewellery designer Arabel Lebrusan is one of the key founders of the ethical jewellery movement, meaning their materials are responsibly sourced, by people who are recognised and paid fairly for their work. Each of her pieces is handmade and one-of-a-kind, meaning that you’ll own something that’s not only completely unique but also brings you one step closer to a better world. We opted for the gorgeous stacking ring with a beautiful olive-green peridot gemstone. If features an open band to fit all sizes as well as a variety of coloured gemstones which allows you to craft your own original combination of rings and change them depending on your mood. RRP £145

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

When it comes to the “affordable luxury” category, it’s hard to compete with Sif Jakobs Jewellery. This popular Danish brand is known for its modern yet elegant approach to jewellery design and has been frequently seen on celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Ellie Goulding, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. Our personal favourites are the gold plated Vulcanello Lungo earrings (£99) featuring sparkling white zirconia, as well as the gold plated Novaro Quadrato ring (£199) with a mosaic of little black zirconia gems. Sophisticated and stylish, they’re also incredibly versatile and fit for any occasion: from a casual date downtown to a formal ceremony, they’ll add a dusting of chic and glamour to any outfit you choose.

Merci Maman

Worn by the likes of Kate Middleton, Merci Maman is a jewellery brand with serious class and an emphasis on sentimentality and style. 
With plenty of options to make your jewellery choice personal, from birthstones and flowers to engravings, it's a lasting way to show that you care. 
Pictured is the Personalised Hammered Double Disc and Birthstone Necklace, starting from £169

For tea lovers: Ceramic Friendship Mug

two white and blue mugs with faces painted
Perfect as a pair, 10% from every sale of these dainty mugs (£26 each) is donated to The Prince's Trust "Women Supporting Women" initiative.
The mugs are hand created by potter Kate Brigden and are a great choice for a close friend or important woman in your life.
Why not treat them like friendship bracelets and buy one for her, and one for yourself? A great way to share a cuppa over Zoom, and feel like you're together. 

For the one who always has holes in their socks: Stand4SocksStand 4 Socks

Stand 4 Socks
The Christmas gift every adult craves—the chance to replace your holey 2020 socks with the fresh new comfort of your 2021 socks.
With a range of designs from the hilarious to the cosy, Stand 4 Socks are a sock shop with a heart, as for every pair bought, they donate a pair to a homeless person. Since its inception, the company has donated over 75,000 pairs to people in need.


Alternatively, if you love whimsical socks and classical music and/or literature, welcome to your new obsession: ChattyFeet. This playful sock brand features famous writers and composers in their designs, including Jane Austoe, Beethwoven, Virginia Wool and more. Made of soft combed cotton, with the designs created by talented illustrators from all over the world, these socks are bound inject a bit of fun and colour into your everyday life. Prices start from £8.00 a pair. 

For beautiful lingerie lovers: Playtex

There’s nothing quite like knowing that you're wearing luxurious lingerie under your clothes to give you that extra boost of confidence during the day. If you’re thinking of treating your partner to some elegant underwear this Christmas, Playtex offer a number of stunning sets in a variety of styles and colours.
We tried the “Flower Elegance” in carmine red and were certainly not disappointed. Not only does the soft material of the bra and brief comfortly hug your body, the lingerie looks stunning and flattering on any body type, shape or size. 

For family games night: P for Pizza

This gloriously simple yet endlessly enjoyable game is perfect for entertaining the whole family over Christmas and is compact and simple enough to be played through glass or over the doorway when visiting elderly relatives. 
Big Potato Games have fast become leaders in the board game space, with their Christmas releases offering something to look forward to every festive season, and 2020 is no different. At £12.99 it's a great stocking filler or addition to your seasonal gatherings.  

For pet lovers: PitPat

Love your FitBit? Take the obsession further with PitPat (£39), the perfect walking companion for your dog.
Simply attach the small and unintrusive device to your dog's collar and use the connected app to measure your dog's activity levels, manage their weight, collect badges and achievements and generally ensure they're active and happy. 
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