Is it time to put a stop to unwanted gifts?

Is it time to put a stop to unwanted gifts?

Some tips on buying the right gifts for your loved ones this Christmas

Want to know what older people really want for Christmas? Hint: it's not "stuff"!

As much as we hate to say it, unwanted gifts are a thing. Those smellies that you'll never use. The hat that just isn't you. Socks. Handkerchiefs. More socks

But, it seems, you're not alone in receiving presents that you didn't really want.

Recent research of 1,000 people over 65 by meal delivery company, Parsley Box, showed that of those receiving gifts over the last 12 months, nearly half admitted they hadn't used at least some that they got last Christmas.

In fact, the survey revealed that around 30 per cent of the older generation either don't want most of the gifts they reeceive or won't use them—with one in ten saying unwanted "stuff" ("stuff" being gifts given for Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions) just takes up valuable space in their home, with many presents ending up unused in drawers and cupboards.

More than half also said they felt that spending money on "stuff" is bad for the environment. Unsurprising then, that 30 percent have given unwated gifts to charity and a further 13 percent have re-wrapped the present to pass on to someone else.

And with 70 percent of those surveyed saying that they believe buying generic gifts is a waste of money, perhaps it's time to tell friends and family to put the cosmetics and craft sets down and re-think that gift list.

But, what is it that the over 65's really want??

Well, according to the Parsley Box research, the top five most wanted presents are shopping vouchers, books, wine, chocolate or sweet treats—or good old fashioned money. And with around half (44 percent women and 51 percent men) saying they'd prefer food and drink, why not wrap up a bottle and make them happy? There might even be the chance to share it.... cheers!

The dilemma of avoiding unwanted "stuff" can also be easily resolved with a purchase from parsleybox.com which provides a full range of delicious delivered meals which can give the gift of more time to do the things you love.

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