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How to create a Christmas wreath


1st Jan 2015 Animals & Pets

How to create a Christmas wreath

Get some fresh air, entertain the kids and make a stylish decoration for your door for next to nothing

1. Start by foraging for bendy bare twigs and greenery (ivy, fir branches), plus holly and pine cones.

2. Weave the bendy twigs around and into a wire wreath frame (around £1 from florists) and secure with garden ties to form the base.

3. Arrange plenty of greenery on top, tying it into the base and overlapping the pieces to hide the stems and wires.

4. Decorate the wreath with small bunches of holly, berries and pine cones fixed in place with wire; you can also add cinnamon sticks and slices of dried orange.

5. Give the wreath a good shake to make sure nothing shifts when the door opens and squirt it with hairspray to stop it shedding.

6. Add a festive bow if you like and you’re done!