Homemade Christmas gifts that people actually want

Homemade Christmas gifts that people actually want

There's no better way to show you care at Christmas time than with a homemade gift. Forget burned biscuits and wonky home-knit jumpers though, these alternative crafty gifts are sure to put a smile on their face. 

Heat pack

Homemade heat pack
Fellow Fellow

This winter warmer can be customised for whoever. Flowers for mum, SpongeBob for your nephew, Wonderwomen for your niece, corduroy for dad, and whatever it is teenagers are into these days. Perfect for the cold months of January and February ahead.

Skills required: basic sewing

Suitable for: old and young alike (just make sure the little ones are supervised when heating)


Drawing kit

Felt crayon holder
Skip to my Lou

This one's ideal for inspiring creativity in the little ones, and is easily customised. 

Skills needed: basic sewing

Suitable for: budding journalists and artists


Clutch bag

Clutch bag
I heart nap time

Fashionable, fancy and practical. 

Skills needed: basic sewing, knowing your way around a sewing machine would come in very handy

Suitable for: with so many practical uses, everyone, but we think they're ideal for teenagers 


Shark hoodie towel

Shark hoodie towel
Just crafty enough

This one is fantastic for kids. It has practical uses, and some not so practical (i.e. pretending to be a shark). It may also be one for the big kid in us all.

Skills needed: basic sewing and cutting

Suitable for: all ages!!!


Doodle cups and dishes

Porcelain doodle
Delia creates

Porcelain markers are cheaply available, it's a great way to jazz up a the dishes. But this would also make a great gift for someone. Delia Creates has simply doodled patterns onto these cups, and they look great. Alternatively you can use a Sharpie, but these will take longer to dry, are not dishwasher friendly, and should only really be used for serving biscuit selections on.

Skills needed: proficient doodler

Suitable for: recent grown-ups moving into first home, mum and dad


Jam-jar terrarium

Jam-Jar Terrarium
Always me clothing

As terrariums are back in fashion, this DIY styling is very current and is perfect for adding a bit of greenery to any room. 

Suitable for: anyone who needs a bit of green in their life (I'm looking at you city dwellers!)


Sock monkey

Look at him! He's so cool! What kid wouldn't want one? This video will take you through all steps to make your own. You can even experiment with different colours and if you're feeling inspired after learning some techniques, different animals. You could even create a whole sock zoo!

Skills needed: basic to intermediate sewing

Suitable for: with button eyes we'd say this one isn't for the really little people


Wooden phone speakers (no need for electricity)

wooden passive phone speaker
Make it, love it

A speaker system with no need for electricity? What kind of hocus-pocus is this? None! It's basic physics. It works on a similar principle as putting your phone into a bowl. Of course it isn't going to be subwoofer standards, but if you're feeling really advanced and you might want to take a look at this passive phone speaker, which really considers shape and contours to provide fantastic amplification. 

Skills needed: competent around woodwork machinery 

Suitable for: teenagers and those looking for a more eco-friendly lifestyle


Magnetic fishing game

magnetic fishing game
Make it, love it

Remember when you were a kid and you used to stand on the sofa and pretend it was an island all the floor was the sea? Shouting to your parents: "Help, I'm falling into the water the sharks will get me!" This is the perfect way to feed a child's imagination, and maybe keep them a little quieter. Ask them to fish for your supper instead with this adorable magnetic fishing kit.

Skills needed: basic sewing, intermediate woodwork (although it's possible to make a simplified rod)

Suitable for: this game was designed for toddlers, but there are no rules saying you can't build a rod for yourself


Wooden herb planter

Wooden herb planter
DIY network

Forget the herbs and spices rack—the ultimate DIY woodwork project of the 70s. Today we like it fresh. This is its modern equivalent. 

Skills needed: basic woodwork

Suitable for: aspiring chefs


Gold leaf papier-mache bowls

Papier-mache bowls
Kellin Murray

Organisation isn't everyone's strong point, but when tidying is matched with a a strong aesthetic, it's surprising how neat even the messiest of us can be. Try these simple papier mache bowls for someone who has a lot of little bits and pieces—all over the place.

Skills needed: a touch of craftiness

Suitable for: anyone from messy teens to disorganised adults. 


Paper star lanterns

DIY Paper lanterns

Just how crafty are you? These stars could be for absolute beginners or the super creative. Hole punches can leak the light out to a simple but very effective degree, however you can create a real exotic ambience if you're particularly handy with a craft knife.

Skill level: beginner to total pro 

Suitable for: teens, boheims, and those wanting an ambient scene


A-frame wine rack

DIY wine rack
DIY network

The perfect resting spot for those bottles after a hard night keeping its owner company. 

Skill level: competence around wordwork machinery

Perfect for: new and old homes whose occupants love a little tipple


Pouf ottoman

DIY ottoman pouf
Better homes

Grab yourself a bottle from your swanky a-frame wine rack, pour yourself a glass, then slump in your comfiest chair and put your feet up. Have nothing to put your feet on? This could be a stylish solution!

Skill level: sewing demon (but the step-by-step walks you through it in a straight forward manner)

Perfect for: with so many practical uses, everyone


Beeswax candles

DIY beeswak candles
A beautiful mess

A second appearence for used jam jars. The uses of 'used' jam jars are endless. One popular use among the youth, is to stick a tea light in there to add a bit of atmosphere to a room. Why not take that one step further and stick a whole candle in there.

Skill level: jam enthusiast (craft-wise, very basic)

Suitable for: young adults and the perfect heart-felt alternative to those 'Yankee' candles 


Dino bum phone stand

DIY Dinosaur bum phone stand
Eat sleep make

Oh my goodness! That phone has a dino bum! And it the perfect phone stand for any dinosaur enthusiast or kitch conoisseur.

Skill level: basic craft

Suitable for: anyone with a phone, seriously!


Mermaid plush dolls

DIY mermaid plush

Aw, so cute! Look at the star bikini detail, and the lushious locks. These are bound to be adored by any little princess (or prince). 

Skill level: pretty crafty

Suitable for: the little ones, or the older ones who never quite grew out of the 'mythical creatures' phase

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