Hilarious office Christmas party confessions

Hilarious office Christmas party confessions

We've all been there at some point. One glass too many at the Christmas party and you could wake up regretting more than your hangover. But have you ever gone as far as these red-faced revellers?

Cutting it fine…

christmas party confession chef
Via Brighter Tomorrow, Reddit

"I was working in a restaurant as chef. The Christmas party came around and I was chopping up some bits to eat. I was trying to impress the waitress by finely chopping basil without breaking eye contact with her.

I ended up cutting off a good chunk of my finger. Never lived that one down. I haven't attempted the stare and chop since. I did get a date with her though."




office party confessions
Via Grumpywumps, Reddit

"I made off with an entire tray of doughnuts and then projectile vomited them all over the carpet"



Spilling more than wine…

spilling red wine
Via Cosmo

"At my last office Christmas do, I planned to speak to the big boss, hoping to impress her enough for a promotion. We got chatting and things were going really well. That is until a child ran past and knocked me, making me spill my drink.

I started to moan about how people shouldn't bring children to work events when my she suddenly went red in the face. 'That's my son,' she said icily, and walked off. Surprise, surprise, I didn't get the promotion."



Grease is the word

Grease office party confession
Via Gearfried, Reddit

"Our office party had a Grease theme, but only the new guy dressed up. Apparently, he had to buy everything in the outfit except the bra…"



Karaoke queen

karaoke christmas party
Via Nerida, She Knows

"At one particular Christmas party there was a karaoke machine. Everyone, aside from me, was too shy to sing, so I thought I'd get the party started with a rendition of Bryan Adams' 'Everything I Do.' Everyone cheered, and I guess that's when I decided no one else was getting the microphone.

I have a hazy recollection of being asked to give it a rest during a lively version of 'It's Raining Men.' My work friends tell me the paddleboat returned to the pier to let me off, and then everyone else continued with their Christmas party."



Not so smart casual…

christmas party confession
Via alien005, IMGUR

"Went to the office holiday party like this. Didn't know corporate was going to be there."



Two left feet

Ed Balls Gangnam Style
Via News Shopper

"Last year at my Christmas party I was trying to do the 'Gangnam Style' dance—not very well—while holding my drink.

I spilt it on the floor and one of my colleagues walked past and fell over. They had to go to A&E where they found out they had broken their arm.”



Sushi hit and run

Via PaperCutsYourEyes, Reddit

"Showed up early, ate all of the sushi, chugged five beers in five minutes, and left before almost anyone showed up."



Slip into something more comfortable

slippers office party confession
Via Reddit

"My feet got sore from wearing heels, so I drunkenly went and got my pair of fuzzy black and white polka dot house slippers from my car and wore them for the rest of the night.

I still cringe and ask my partner why he let that happen."



A new reason to hate sprouts…

sprout christmas confession
Via Reddit

“I arrived at my new job and the first thing I received was a letter from a lady—who did not work for us—with a cleaning bill for a suit that had been ruined by flying sprouts at the bar where we had our Christmas party.”