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Fun Christmas gifts for the whole family

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Fun Christmas gifts for the whole family
A list of some fun gift ideas for the whole family
It’s that time of year again, Christmas is around the corner and people far and wide are searching for the best gifts for their loved ones. Buying gifts for the whole family may be a bit of an easier task—as you can go down the board game route to keep everyone involved in the festive activities.
But if you feel like branching out, there are some fun out-of-the-box options to get your family engaged in wholesome fun or to just brighten the mood with a thoughtful gift.

Quiztimate trivia game - for trivia lovers

Keep your family guessing and engaged with these four round trivia games that are suitable for everyone. Get away from screens and get the family laughing, discussing, and competing for the win. It can be played by Three to 15 players and it’s all in good fun.

Air Pictionary - to get the whole family laughing

Air pictionary game
Get ready for a barrel of laughs with Pictionary—with a difference, a more modern take on the popular game that will see you exercising your artistic skills by drawing shapes, figures and designs in the air. You can see the game itself live on your phone or even your TV with Apple TV, Chromecast, or other compatible devices, so everyone can get in on the fun.

Christmas mug set - for fans of matching crockery

Matching Christmas mug set
A nice, wholesome gift for the family, this quaint Christmas set can help to top up any of your already existing tableware and will give you some nice mugs for the holidays and even beyond.

Personalised street sign - makes for a quirky home decoration

Custom street sign for a family
Gift your family their own unique street sign and postcode with this fun gift, it’s something out of the ordinary and could be great on the wall or a table. You can personalise the text to your taste as well, so if you wanted individual signs for members of the family, that’s an option too.

Christmas food and wine hamper - for the necessary food & drink

Christmas food and wine hamper
Hampers are a just about the perfect gift for Christmas when buying for a family because of their variety and number of items—there’s something for everyone so indulge your loved ones this holiday with wine, luxury chocolate and a range of different nibbles. The hamper also comes with a gift bow and personal message for that added touch.
The hamper may contain nuts or trace of nuts.

LED TV backlights - to spice up your living room

LED backlights
Set the mood at home for a party or just for more colourful home entertainment with these vibrant strip lights. Simply set them up behind your TV or monitor and alternate through a range of colours for some added ambiance while you watch movies, TV or listen to music.
It also comes with a remote for colour and brightness control and can be controlled through an app if preferred.

ViewSonic portable projector - for big gatherings

Viewsonic portable projector
Projectors naturally make for great home entertainment experiences, which don’t strictly have to be just watching movies or TV either—the sky is the limit with how you use a projector. Whether it’s for entertainment, for an art project, or for a creative backdrop—more importantly they can bring the whole family together.
Suitable for any sized room, with this ViewSonic, you can project up to 100” and only from 2.6 metres away. And with a several hour-long battery life and easy connectivity to PCs and mobile devices, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Christmas tree & house sign - a nice festive treat

Festive Christmas tree ornament
Spruce up your home with this decorative Christmas piece that’s perfect for families, personalisation is optional if you wanted to have specific names to come with it. And it also lights up, to brighten up any room that it’s in.

The best of Christmas family board game - a great Christmas game

A family Christmas board game
Get everyone involved in some fun Christmas festivities and test your knowledge with this Christmas themed trivia/board game, also including funny jokes and 55 playing cards. It’s suitable for all ages and easy to play—with the first team to decorate the tree included winning the game.

Top of The Pops party game - classic music trivia 

Top of the pops trivia
Test your family’s musical knowledge with this fun filled game, with hits from the 1980s, 90s and on, play in teams with quick fire games like “guess the song” and charades to describe certain artists. It’s easy to learn and there’s a lot of fun to be had, so it should go down a treat.
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