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Christmas all boxed up

Christmas all boxed up

Wanted! Unwanted gifts to help disadvantaged children.

Reader's Digest have joined forces with The Children's Society to help your unwanted Christmas gifts find a loving home. Most importantly, your unwanted gifts can change the lives of some of the UK's most disadvantaged children at risk of harm, facing extreme poverty or neglect.

We're bringing back the traditional meaning of Boxing Day... 

Once upon a time, Boxing Day was a day when people presented Christmas 'boxes' to less fortunate families. We want to bring it back! So hit the pause button on those family films, and get together to pack up a Christmas box this Boxing Day, ready to donate to your local The Children's Society charity shop from 27th December and throughout January.

Whether its a too-big jumper, a book bound to go unread, or toys that will never see the light of day, The Children's Society volunteers—who give up their time to run hundreds of shops across the country—will be grateful for any gifts large or small.

Don't let unwanted gifts collect dust, put them to good use to help The Children's Society transform the lives of the children who have nowhere else to turn to this Christmas.


1. Box up your unwanted, new Christmas gifts and any other suitable donations.
2. Make sure you write 'Reader's Digest' clearly on the box or gift label. Take a picture and share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #allboxedup
3. Drop the box off at your local Children's Society shop from 27th December. Find your local shop here on the The Children’s Society map.

If you don't live near a shop or all your gifts are just too good to part with you can still make a real difference. Text GIVE to 70025 to donate £5.




The Children’s Society helps to change the lives of the most disadvantaged children and teenagers in the country. Reader’s Digest is committed to supporting The Children’s Society in their work providing support to children at risk of abuse, neglect or violence when there is nowhere else for them to turn. The charity provides a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of young carers, young runaways and children struggling with emotional health issues. Your gifts will help The Children’s Society make the greatest change for disadvantaged children and give them the proper childhood they deserve. 


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