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5 Christmas apps and websites to keep kids busy

5 Christmas apps and websites to keep kids busy

These five apps will keep children spellbound this Christmas; perfect for when you need a silent night.

1. Google’s Santa tracker


Santa tracker
Image via Santa Tracker

Counting down the days, minutes and hours until Father Christmas embarks on his journey around the globe, Google’s Santa Tracker lets children explore, learn and play.

As well as watching Santa’s delivery progress around the world, children can play games that teach them to code, learn about the work charities undertake over Christmas and winter traditions from other cultures.

With new features unveiled right up until Christmas Eve, there’s plenty to keep children (and adults) entertained until Santa has lift off. It’s certainly a lot more fun than tracking your Yodel package.

Visit Google’s Santa tracker



2. Reindeer cam


Image via Reindeer Cam

You’re keeping tabs on Father Christmas, so why not keep track of his four-legged friends too?

This live feed shows Santa’s reindeer in their natural habitat, relaxing before jetting off for their big night. Lucky viewers can see Father Christmas himself feed the reindeer and reading real children’s letters at 4pm, 11pm and 2am on weekdays, or 11pm at weekends.

The site also hosts specially filmed videos of the deer featured on the live feed.

Tune into reindeer cam



Elf Yourself


Make yourself the star of your own Christmas video card with Elf Yourself. Simply upload photos of your child or other family members and they will be integrated into the festive videos.

Videos can feature up to five faces, so there’s room for the whole family. Uploads can be done from your computer or directly from Facebook or a webcam.

Try Elf Yourself



4.Santa Cam FX


Santa cam fx
Image via Santa Cam FX

Kids questioning the existence of Father Christmas? Put their doubts to rest with this clever app that places videos and pictures of Santa and his helpers directly into your own home.

Creative parents can use the app to build a whole story in the lead up to Christmas as cheeky elves visit your home to check for good behaviour, leave notes and generally cause mischief.

Explore Santa Cam FX



5.The Nutcracker and the Mystery of the Disappearing Cheese


This fun game is great for older children. A collection of mini-games that brings to life the original Nutcracker story, the app offers a variety of activities to keep kids entertained for longer.

Set to Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet score, an animated intro is accompanied by a storybook, 7 educational games and 6 charming characters.

Explore The Nutcracker and the Mystery of the Disappearing Cheese

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This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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