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10 Pets who ruined Christmas


1st Jan 2015 Animals & Pets

10 Pets who ruined Christmas

Santa's little helpers? Hardly. Meet the pets who have gone out of their way to ruin Christmas day for everyone. Bah humbug!

"It wasn't me"

it wasnt me cat tree
Image via @purple_kori, Instagram


"I didn't even touch it!"

I didnt even touch it
Image via Bored Panda


"I just couldn't wait!"

I just couldnt wait cat presents
Image via IMGUR


"You know I have a sweet tooth…"

cat eating a candy cane
Image via IMGUR


"He started it!"

he started it dogs christmas
Image via Bored Panda


"I was just feeling festive…"

feeling festive
Image via Bored Panda


Santa Paws is coming to town…

santa paws is coming to town
Image via Pinterest


Not so silent night…

christms cat
Image via Bored Panda


"If I can't see her… she can't see me!"

I cant see you christmas
Image via Bored Panda


Silver bells… awful smells

silver bells awful smells
Image via Twitter


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