10 Christmas gift ideas that can be delivered

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10 Christmas gift ideas that can be delivered
Whether near or far, the magic of Christmas is just a delivery away, bringing joy to the hearts and homes of those we hold dear
As the festive season unfolds, the excitement of gift-giving takes centre stage. In a world where time is a precious commodity, the convenience of having Christmas gifts delivered adds an extra layer of joy to the holiday experience. If you’re unfortunately missing out on celebrating Christmas with your loved ones this year but still want to send presents in your stead, this guide explores a curated selection of thoughtful gift ideas that not only delight but also bring the magic of the season to the recipient's doorstep. From the comfort of your home to theirs, let's unwrap the possibilities of spreading holiday cheer through gifts that can be delivered.

1. Monthly subscription boxes

HelloFresh box
For a gift that keeps on giving, consider a monthly subscription box tailored to the recipient's interests. Whether it's a curated selection of books, a box of international snacks, or even a monthly delivery of fresh flowers, subscription boxes add an element of surprise to the holiday season. The anticipation of a new delivery each month extends the festive spirit long after the Christmas decorations are packed away.

2. Tech gadgets and accessories

Phone clamp and holder
Embrace the tech-savvy side of gifting with the latest gadgets and accessories that enhance daily life. From wireless earbuds to smart home devices, the options are diverse. With the ease of delivery, you can surprise your friends and family with cutting-edge technology that not only simplifies their routines but also adds a touch of innovation to their holiday season.

3. Cosy apparel and accessories

Christmas socks
Wrap your loved ones in warmth with cozy apparel and accessories that evoke the spirit of the season. From snug sweaters and personalised scarves to festive socks and winter-ready accessories, these gifts bring comfort and style to their doorstep.
If you’re looking for something that doesn’t scream ‘Christmas,’ consider pyjama or bedding sets. Silk or stain sets are not only beneficial for the skin and hair—they are also insanely comfortable to lounge in for the holidays!

4. Self-care and wellness packages

Shika wellbeing gift set
This Christmas, prioritise the well-being of your loved ones by gifting self-care and wellness packages. From spa sets and aromatherapy diffusers to yoga mats and wellness subscriptions, these gifts nurture the body and soul. Delivering a sense of tranquillity to their doorstep, these packages remind your loved ones to practice self-care amidst the frantic holiday shopping and dinner preparations.

5. Customised puzzle portrait

Leopard puzzle portrait
Turn a favourite photo into a captivating and challenging puzzle portrait. This customised gift is perfect for younger children; not only does it provide them with a way to occupy time while their parents are busy decking the halls, it can also double as a reminder of you if the portrait consists of the both of you. Delivered in a beautifully crafted box, the puzzle becomes a delightful surprise that engages both heart and mind, creating lasting memories with each piece put together.

6. Book box sets

The Chronicles of Narnia book box set
For the bookworms in your life, consider splurging a little extra on those box sets that will sit elegantly on shelves. Whether it’s classic tales, cookbooks or novels set exclusively in Christmas time, these literary gifts are bound to provide a cozy escape. If you would like to spruce things up, consider themed book sets that pair books with tea flavours or snacks for some extra pizzazz.

7. Local artisanal deligCu

Stained wine glasses
Want to seem as though you’ve done your homework thoroughly instead of just adding items to your online cart? Survey local artisanal delights where your loved ones live and order a box or basket of those delights straight to their door! This way, you not only support local businesses but also provide your friends and family with the taste and talents that make their area special.

8. Mixology kit

Cocktail shaker set
Elevate celebrations with a mixology kit that brings the bar experience directly to their doorstep. Include premium spirits, artisanal mixers and a selection of garnishes for crafting festive cocktails. This interactive and spirited gift enhances gatherings, allowing loved ones to become the resident mixologist and infuse a dose of holiday cheer into their celebrations.

9. Cooking class subscription

Ignite their culinary curiosity with a subscription to virtual cooking classes that explore global cuisines. Each month, they receive access to a new culinary adventure, learning to create dishes from different parts of the world. This gift not only delivers a taste of international flavours but also fosters a sense of exploration and connection through the shared love of food. Pro tip: deliver this gift ahead of time so they can source inspiration for their Christmas menu!

10. Personalised perfume kits

Our Hands perfume kit
Unleash their creativity with a personalised perfume creation kit that allows them to craft their signature scent. Delivered with an array of fragrance notes, blending tools, and a personalised perfume bottle, this sensory experience transforms their space into a perfumery. The resulting fragrance becomes a unique and intimate expression of their personality, making it a truly special holiday gift. For a simpler alternative, opt for perfume sets so your gift recipient can sample different scents and figure out which to make their signature.
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