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Once again, we've had a tricky time! Only in the best way, mind—with so many brilliant entries to this year’s competition, it’s been difficult to narrow the selection down to a few lucky winners. Fortunately photographer James Eckersley was on hand to help. View the winning photographs below...

Adults category: WINNER

Emily Williams, from Bristol, says: “I love taking photos of moments that show emotion. This photo is of a lady and her new baby in our local park and I was captivated watching the bond between them. It reminds me how important it is to enjoy those precious moments with loved ones.”

What our judge said: “This is a beautiful shot, isn’t it? It makes clever use of colour and the marriage of the small subject against the big expanse of the tree just works. The combination of the blossom and the mother with her child brings hope; it’s a very emotive image.”


Adults category: Runner-up

Philip Goacher, from West Sussex, says: “I took my grandson Oscar, 21 months old, onto the deserted golden sands of Watergate Bay, Cornwall, at 6am—on what proved to be one of the warmest days of the year. This was Oscar’s first experience of sand, puddles and seagulls. He loved it, as did I!”

What our judge said: “This composition leads your eye from the bottom of the photo on a winding path up with the footprints. It’s not just footsteps in the sand—you know whose they are! The long shadows, the blue sky, the warm tones of the sand: it all says summer.”


Adults category: Runner-up

Guy Stirling, from East Lothian, says: “Looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean from Gran Canaria, my sister posed as the strong waves struck the harbour wall.”

What our judge said: “The use of colour is very strong here. The white of the water echoes the white of the clouds. Only in one little strip, leading your eye around, have you got the bright, bold colours of the buildings.”


Under-18s category: WINNER

Morgan Gunn, 15, from Buckinghamshire, says: “My grandfather was evacuated to Selsey during the war. My brothers, my sister and I visit the beach there frequently. It not only has great sentimental value to us, but it’s also something we all associate with summer holidays. I was concentrating on my composition here, and therefore the symmetry of the image.”

What our judge said: “The composition of this photograph is certainly impressive. It’s cleverly done: the leading lines of the boat come in and point you straight to the horizon line. It’s almost dictating what we look at and it what order, which is very sophisticated. I also like the nearsymmetry of what looks like the lifeboat house on the left and the fishing boat on the right, which gives you a perspective and a depth of focus.”


Under-18s category: Runner-up

Katy Read, 13, from Newcastle upon Tyne, says: “The puffins come back to the Farne Islands every summer to breed, and for the last couple of years I’ve been out to see them. This one was standing where I could get on eye-level with it!”

What our judge said: “Katy has used a very small depth of field, getting just the hint of the background so we know its location. She’s captured the moment beautifully.”


Under-18s category: Runner-up

Sami Patel, 12, from Hertfordshire, says: “This photo was taken on Southend beach. I took it while I stood on a pier, focusing on the sun so that I could get the shadow of my father. My family love it!”

What our judge said: “This technique is called contre-jour —or into the light. The main subject is clearly in a silhouette, but you can see quite a lot of detail in the rest of the photograph, particularly in the water and the sky. It’s almost monotone with blacks, greys and a hint of blue.”


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