Competition winners

PLEASE NOTE:  All prizes are paid for and distributed by Reader's Digest or our associated partners - we would never ask for any payment from a prize winner, and ask that you be wary of scams and always contact us if you are unsure if an offer is genuine.

Reader's Digest Online Competitions

February 2016 Podcast:  Thomas Plater won £100 Reader's Digest Shop voucher

Tickets to A Walk in The Woods:  Claire Carter (Closed 08/09/2015)

Picnic Baskets: Nicole Beevor, Hemel Hempstead and Kirsty Sparks, Kent and Annika Thomson, Dublin (August 2015)

July Podcast: Susan, Darlington

Vue Vouchers:  Alastair from Edinburgh, Damien from West Yorkshire, Champaklal from Lancashire and Jennifer from Alloa 

June Podcast competition (closed 29/06/2015): Michelle Thompson

Big Game (closed 19/06/2015): Lynette Johnson, Colin Joyce, Jake Casey, Graham Robins, Wendy Tolhurst

Deck chairs (closed 12/06/2015): Mark Fowler

6 wine bottle selection (closed 1/05/2015): Nicola John

Char-Broil Patio BBQ (closed 1/05/2015): Simon Griffiths

April podcast competition (closed28/04/2015): Dr Denis Hendry

Kenwood Smoothie2Go blender (closed 10/04/2015): Sarah Scrutton, Gina Camacho, J B Wood, Suki Lehal, Sara Dunn

Beat the Cartoonist Magazine Competition - winners of £100 cash prize

May 2015 issue: Julie Tift "No, you don't do gangman Style - make up your  own dance."

June 2015 issue: Susan Boyd, Sudbury

July 2015 issue: Rick Haswell, Tyne and Wear

August 2015 issue: John Bauch, London

October 2015 issue: Dave McKenna, Devizes

November 2015 issue:  Michael Cusack, Solihull

December 2015 issue:  Frank Murphy, Edinburgh

January 2016 issue:  Nina Straughan, Shepherd's Bush, London

February 2016 issue:  Margarent Bain, Clydebank, Dunbartonshire

March 2016 issue:  John Samson, Edinburgh

Family Holiday Photo Magazine Competition - winners

Adult Category Winner - Holiday to Turkey:  Joy Salt, Pershore

Adult Runners-Up:  Elizabeth Meikle, Ayr and Siobhan Watson, Northants

Under-18s Category Winner:  Abraham Smith, Barlaston

Under-18s Runners-Up:  Holly Bowyer, Bedfordshire and Joshua Beesley, Tonbridge 

£5000 Cash prize winners (Closed April 2015)

February 2015 - April 2015 - June Gaynor, Milton Keynes

November 2014 - January 2015 - Lesley Barker

August - October 2014 - Andrew Davey

May - July 2014 - M Cawley

£1000 Cash Prize Monthly Winners

May 2015 - Sheila Fells, Gosport

June 2015 - Carole McLaren, Kirkcaldy

July 2015 - Anonymous Winner, Hertfordshire

August 2015 - Roland, West Midlands

September 2015 - Victor Budas, Glasgow

October 2015 - Ian Davis, Hampshire

November 2015 - Carl Nuttall, Derby

December 2015 - Mr Ganesh, London

January 2016 - Nadia Morton, Cardiff Bay

February 2016 - Deborah Bullimore, Washington, Tyne & Wear

March 2016 - Steven Montgomery, Sheffield

April 2016 - Jane Gaze, St Albans

May 2016 - Rhona Vassilikos, Stonehaven

June 2016 - Norman Koch, Hornchurch

July 2016 - Anne Rivett, Norwich

August 2016 - Shaun Redfern, Braintree

September 2016 - David Johnson, Dunstable

October 2016 - Pam Allott, Blackburn

November 2016 - Ford Driscoll-Gibb, Milton Keynes

December 2016 - Anthony Kilkenny, Gravesend

January 2017 - Derek Burley, Oldham

February 2017 - Hilary Francombe, Bournemouth

March 2017 - Christine Turner, Abingdon

April 2017 - John Royal, Durham

May 2017 - Alan Harrison, Chesterfield

June 2017 - Marion Gold, Nottingham

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