Why Amanda Anisimova could give Maria Sharapova a run for her money


25th Nov 2020 Wellbeing

Why Amanda Anisimova could give Maria Sharapova a run for her money

She won the French open in 2012 and 2014, and even beat Serena Williams at Wimbledon, but after retiring this year, Maria Sharapova left the spot open for her successor. A Russian native, who has resided in the United States since 1994, Maria set the tennis world ablaze. To say that Anisimova has big boots to fill, would be an understatement.


The man who helped Sharapova to achieve status as the best paid female athlete in over a decade, believes he may have found a great successor in the form of Amanda Anisimova. There are similarities between the two; they are both from Russian descent, living in the United States and both have a unique skill for the game.

Who is Amanda Anisimova?

Although born to Russian parents, Anisimova herself was born in New Jersey, and moved to Miami at three years of age. Her talent for tennis became apparent quickly when she won the US Open junior title in 2017. Last year, at only 17 year’s old, she also beat Simona Halep and achieved status as the first player who was born 2000’s who has reached a major semi-final.

With attention firmly focused on her, Anisimova has deals with big brands including Nike, Gatorade and Therabody.

It couldn’t be a better time to become a big name in tennis, with Sharapova retiring, and Williams getting ever closer to the end of her career, there is every likelihood that Anisimova will be the biggest name in tennis in a few years. She is well worth a considering if you are looking to put a wager on at US gambling sites.

The Maria Sharapova Brand

There are a lot of similarities between Sharapova and Anisimova. Unlike Anisimova, Sharapova was born in Russia, but moved to the US early, at the age of eight. It didn’t take long for her talent for tennis to show, as she beat the champion, Williams in 2004, to achieve the Wimbledon title. This accolade is what catapulted her to fame.

Sharapova retired in February with total earnings of $325 million, which included a combination of prize money and sponsorship deals. She is not far behind Williams, who has made over $350 million. Sharapova has been highly successful throughout her career, and it is safe to say that retirement won’t be boring, as she has many exciting projects to keep her occupied, including her own candy line.

Sharapova, together with Williams, is someone that Anisimova looks up to.

The future for tennis

With the loss of Sharapova and Williams, tennis will need another strong female and it looks like Anisimova is on the right path to achieve this accolade. Tennis insiders say she has what it takes, including Serena Williams’ coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, who said that she has great timing and a powerful stroke.

Her agent, Max Eisenbud, certainly believes so and feels that a combination of her skills, the people around her and her driven attitude will be enough to push her to the highest ranks in the tennis world. We will watch this space with anticipation.

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