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What is happiness? Photographer Matt Jacob describes what brings him joy in today’s fast-shifting world

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28th May 2023 Life

What is happiness? Photographer Matt Jacob describes what brings him joy in today’s fast-shifting world
Happiness is subjective and can take on different meanings for various individuals. While some may equate it with wealth or influence, others may find joy in creating something unique.
Creativity is a crucial aspect for many artists worldwide as they seek to express themselves through different forms of art, including photography, painting, and other mediums. Matt Jacob, the founder of MOOD Studio and The MOOD Podcast, shares his personal experiences and joys on his platforms.
The arts that bring people happiness vary widely, depending on their environment, culture, and opportunities. For creatives like Matt, happiness takes on a distinct meaning, as it involves finding your niche, connecting with a community, and leaving a legacy and imprint on the world. Developing an original style plays a significant role in Matt's happiness, but a style is not all that - his work and approach to it continues to evolve. When he first entered the field, he experimented with various styles and connected with colleagues to find his preferred medium of photography - portraiture. He emphasizes the importance of exploring different styles and genres, following professionals in the field, and adding one's unique artistic touch to capture timeless moments.
Although Matt hails from the UK, he fell in love with the natural beauty of the people and scenery of South East Asia, and now resides in Bali, Indonesia, where he also found a love and community that he had been searching for. For Matt, creating a sense of community is crucial, as portrait photography demands such a connection to capture heartfelt portraits. The people around him and his wife give him a sense of belonging that brings him true happiness.
Another crucial aspect contributing to happiness is finances, and not necessarily in the way that everyone thinks. When one is self-employed or starting a new business, money can be a significant barrier and photography, or the creative world, is no different. To succeed, there are many factors, but marketing, networking and the ‘hustle’ are at the forefront. For Matt, being money-minded and being motivated by money are two very different things, with extremely different outcomes if pursued. He believes that being money-minded is essential, but being motivated by money can hinder one's quality of work and chances of success.
Ultimately, what brings Matt happiness is the people (and animals) that are close to him - being able to hopefully inspire and enjoy with others, and most importantly give back, in any way possible. By creating beautiful environmental, cultural, and portrait art, he not only makes himself happy but also brings joy to those around him, and hopefully those that are far away too. Click here to learn more about his projects and take a look at his pictures.

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