What is arbitrage betting in sports?

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1st Jan 2015 Life

What is arbitrage betting in sports?

There are many different types of betting in the online industry. Fixed bets are not the only way to bet anymore.

You have matched betting, live betting, handicap betting, and a lot of other betting types on offer. Among them is one unique form of betting known as arbitrage betting.

While the term may confuse some bettors, it’s actually very easy once you get to know it. Arbitrage betting is essentially betting on the same event multiple times for guaranteed profits. It’s a form of hedge betting and available at all the major bookies.

What is arbitrage betting?

A form of hedge betting that’s quite popular in 2021, arbitrage betting is almost a sure way to get some profit in return for your bets. Since you’re not risking a lot by betting on several outcomes, the expected return is smaller. That’s the price you pay for going the safe way.

To put things into perspective, let’s say that two bookies offer different prices on the same event. For example, it can be an upcoming El Clasico. With arbitrage betting, you’ll be betting at both sportsbooks to guarantee profit or at least break even on your bets. By betting on different odds at both bookmakers, you’ll get at least a tiny profit or a break-even.

Shopping around for odds is nothing new. As a matter of fact, expert bookmakers are fully invested in it. They recommend it to all bettors since bookmakers don’t have the same odds. You may find huge odds discrepancies at different sportsbooks depending on the match. Arbitrage bets are often available to bettors on early lines, and they disappear quickly. If you want to get the most out of them, you’ll have to check the websites often and react fast.

The good news is that there are various tools as the ones found on Bookmaker.net that will help you track arbitrage bets so you can place them with ease.

Big money bets

In most cases, arbitrage bets often involve large sums of cash. On average, the returns are around 1.2%, which is much less than a fixed bet on some match. Bookies are not really thrilled about arbitrage betting, and that’s why the lines disappear quickly. The practice is much easier to perform online, although bookies are well aware of arbers.

Legally, nothing’s stopping you from placing arbitrate bets and getting some guaranteed profit. If you have different prices on the biggest football derbies in the UK, it would be wise to shop for odds and place arbitrage bets too. The online betting market has opened up new ways to bet for punters, and it’s up to you to get the most out of each bet you place.

When placing arbitrage bets, it’s best to do them at respectable betting sites. Those offer the best early and regular lines for all matches and sports, so you’ll always get the best pricing. Make sure to keep track of early lines and you’ll be able to get some profit in return with arbitrage betting.

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