What compelled Sean Nalewanyj to become a fitness influencer


22nd Feb 2022 Life

What compelled Sean Nalewanyj to become a fitness influencer

Suppose you are a teenager and you want to build a muscular figure. You visit the gym but can’t concentrate on your workout sessions because the muscular guys out there intimidate you.

What will you do? You either go through a period of inferiority complex and eventually leave the gym or stay focused on your goal and keep working out.

Sean Nalewanyj, a renowned fitness coach, YouTuber, and writer, faced a similar situation, and he chose the second option.

Today, he is not just a famous fitness coach and YouTuber; his story inspires thousands of youngsters who want to get into shape.

Sean’s mantra for achieving goals

Sean doesn’t want young people to go through the inferiority complex that he had experienced when he was just starting. As a fitness influencer, he always encourages his followers on  Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube channels to focus on their eating habits and workout sessions instead of spending time and money on performance-enhancing drugs.

He believes that the advent of social media has made it easier for anyone to come across various brands that claim they can provide a muscular and lean body within a few days. But, in reality, these products won’t deliver results if you blindly rely on them.

Most people who see the bodybuilders on the websites of these products feel that even they can achieve something similar if they try the performance-enhancing drugs. Sean thinks that this mentality sets youngsters on the wrong path. Instead of paying attention to diet and exercise, they focus on these products with tons of side effects.

Once they become dependent on these drugs, it’s hard to get rid of them because they want to maintain that physique for a long time. The catch behind using these drugs is that you need to take them for as long as you want to keep your body. As soon as you stop taking them, your physique may start deteriorating. Hence, Sean wants his followers to remain patient with their workout sessions instead of trying random products that claim too good results to be true.

Sean’s experience with performance-enhancing drugs

A big reason Sean always recommends his followers to stay away from PEDs is that he suffered from their consequences when he was young. He spent a lot of money on such products only to be disappointed every time. That’s one of the reasons why he wanted to start his supplement company, RealScience Athletics, which won’t provide false claims to users.

Sean is strictly against worshipping bodybuilders. He feels that it’s unrealistic to think that you can achieve that type of body right after taking performance-enhancing drugs. According to Sean, building a body is similar to an artist’s painting. It requires time, patience, dedication, and hard work.

Losing weight, bulking up, or building muscles could be a few of your fitness goals, but make sure you give your health top priority. If you are unsure what diet to follow or how to start working out to achieve a specific fitness goal without compromising your health, you can follow Sean’s official website for fitness tips.

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