Vintage Reader's Digest 1988: A Right Royal Quiz


1st Jan 2015 Life

Vintage Reader's Digest 1988: A Right Royal Quiz

Test your royal knowledge with this vintage quiz from the Reader's Digest vaults. (Answers at the bottom of the page)

1. Which of these is not owned by the Prince of Wales?

Prince of Wales with beer
Image via PA

a) Dartmoor Prison

b) The Oval cricket ground

c) Richmond Park 

d) Any whale washed up on Cornish beaches



2. In her memoirs, where does the Duchess of Windsor say she was while listening to Edward VIII's abdication speech on the radio?

Duchess of Windsor
 Image via Royal Historian

a) "I was lying on the sofa with my hands over my eyes."

b) "I was standing in the hall with my hands clenched tightly."

c) "I was sitting in the drawing-room with my fingers pulling at my skirt."

d) "I was leaning on my dear aunt with my cheeks streaked with tears."



3. Which of these did Queen Victoria describe as "frightful"?

Queen Victoria
Image via Independent 

a) Boiled sweets

b) Babies

c) Bracelets

d) Bishops



4. The ceremony of the Investiture of the Prince of Wales dates back to:

Investiture of the Prince of Wales

a) 1487

b) 1911

c) 1518

d) 1711



5. Which of these American states was not named after a member of the royal family?

The royal family

a) New York

b) Virginia 

c) Georgia 

d) California 



6. In a 1978 interview, Princess Anne said that if she were not a princess, she would have made a good:

Princess Anne
Image via Pix HD

a) Long-distance lorry driver

b) Night-club bouncer

c) Wrestling promoter 

d) Newspaper photographer 



7. Who was the first monarch to be titled "Majesty"?

Quee Elizabeth II
Image via Royal Historian 

a) Queen Victoria

b) Henry VIII

c) William I

d) James II



8. The third verse of God Save the Queen begins, "Thy choicest gifts in store." What is the next line?

God save the queen sheet music

a) "On her be pleased to pour"

b) "Grant us forever more"

c) "Which we shall thank you for"

d) "Never let desert her shore"



9. What was the name of the Duchess of Windsor's first husband?

Wallis Simpson and Edward
Image via Telegraph

a) Earl Spencer 

b) Lord Tennyson

c) John Wayne

d) Duke Ellington



10. What did the Duke of Edinburgh's passport list as his "profession"?

Duke of Edinburgh
Image via Wiki

a) Landowner

b) Public speaker

c) Prince of the Royal House

d) Husband of HM the Queen



11. Which of these four is not a godparent of Prince William?

Diana and baby prince William

a) Sir Laurens van der Post

b) Ex-King Constantine of Greece

c) Prince Andrew

d) Princess Alexandra 



12. Which member of the royal family has the middle name Angela?

Royal Family
Image via PA

a) The Queen Mother

b) The Duchess of York

c) Princess Margaret 

d) Princess Michael of Kent



13. Which of these animal collections does the Queen own?

The Queen and her corgis
Image via BBC

a) Shetland ponies

b) Lizards

c) Racing pigeons

d) Tropical fish



14. Name the kindergarten at which the Princess of Wales was a teacher before her marriage:

Princess DIana
Image via Mirror

a) Middle Earth

b) Young England

c) Little World

d) World's end



15. Prince Philip's mother, Princess Andrew of Greece, became:

Princess Andrew of Greece
Image via Social Magazine

a) A croupier

b) A confectioner

c) A nun

d) A picture restorer 




1. c |  2. a |  3. b |  4. b |  5. d |  6. a |  7. b |  8. a |  9. a |  10. c  |  11. c  |  12. a |  13 .c |  

14. b  | 15. c