Using confidence to fuel growth, Enur Pakashtica as an inspiration


25th Aug 2021 Life

Using confidence to fuel growth, Enur Pakashtica as an inspiration

"Believe in yourself, and there will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe with you."
― Cynthia Kersey

When individuals decide to channel confidence in their lives, they open doors to multiple opportunities that nourish their growth. Enur Pakashtica has been an inspiration to the young generation as he has developed confidence over the years to push his limits. Born on 14th October 1994 in Prishtina, the capital city of Kosova, Pakashtica has been singing since the age of six. As Pakashtica performed for the others kids in school for events, it built his self-esteem and helped him sustain his confidence. Pakashtica is a Kosovar-Albanian singer, producer, and television presenter who has used his skills to move the world with his passion and commitment. Pakashtica has created more than 15 songs and joined forces with artists such as Adrian Gaxha for the remake of the song "Ajshe."

Confidence as a strength

Performing live in season 2 of Gjeniu i Vogël, a popular singing talent show in Albania, allowed Pakashtica to redefine how he viewed himself. Pakashtica was 12 years old when he officially started his career, and since then, he has never looked back. As Pakashtica performed on TV in front of thousands of people, he made it to the Top Ten of Gjeniu i Vogël, which gathered appreciation and built his will to achieve more and more. There is nothing that can hold a person back if they have the right attitude, and Pakashtica has been channeling positivity throughout his life. Pakashtica has taken part in Season 2 of X Factor Albania, where he reached the semifinals and performed immaculately.

For all those trying to make it in the entertainment industry, Pakashtica wants them to follow a mantra which is an advice from his former boss that he still follows today:

"People who want to come on TV and do singing have to choose between whether they want to go far or fast. If you want to go far - be yourself, never change, and if you want to go fast, and go down fast, fake it."

When the war broke out between Kosova and Siberia in 1999, Pakashtica, with his family, had to leave for Izmir, Turkey, and live there as refugees. As Pakashtica's father remained in Kosova, Pakashtica remembers that his mother would watch the war on the TV with her face full of tears. His mother would pray for the safe return of Pakashtica's father, and when Pakashtica was reunited with him, the situation began to improve. Pakashtica spent his time in Turkey, and as the war began to settle, he returned to Kosova after a few months. Pakashtica has been trained in Karate, and after performing Karate for seven years, he received the 2nd dan, a Black Belt, and completed his Master's Degree in Karate. Pakashtica has completed Elementary School and College in Prishtina and finished his bachelor's degree in Marketing at University for Business and Technology.

Bringing a positive change

When an individual wants to retain success, they must adopt a change in their perspective. To see a positive change, an individual should be positive and not let negativity dictate their actions. Pakashtica has been channeling his optimistic side in his work which has fueled his confidence and retained his motivation. Pakashtica credits his fondest memories to sports such as soccer games and activities with friends. By spending time with his friends, Pakashtica felt rejuvenated as a child, which allowed him to grow. Pakashtica credits his closest friends as an inspiration as they pushed him to improve his skills and capabilities. When the world begins to feel constrained, family and friends can get an individual to find their authentic self. One of Pakashtica's friends, Stanaj from his closest circle, always inspired him and made him believe in himself.

As the world progresses forward, Pakashtica intends to channel his creativity and produce more songs. In the next 5-10 years, Pakashtica sees himself working hard to make it to the list of nominations for the Grammys. As a talk show host of WAZZUP, a show that covered new musical talent and current and upcoming trends for youth, Pakashtica has worked meticulously to maintain its standing. Up till now, Pakashtica has hosted over 1500 episodes for WAZZUP, broadcasted for the first time on 10th November 2014. It was aired every working day of the week from 4 pm to 5 pm. The inception of WAZZUP took place when Pakashtica was in New York for a concert with the "World Peace Orchestra." Pakashtica gave an interview to Klan Kosova Television, and as the interview concluded, the director asked Pakashtica to host an entertainment show that would involve new and upcoming music artists. Pakashtica accepted the offer, and WAZZUP came into being.

Redefining focus

When an individual begins to concentrate on the end goal, their attention becomes focused. Previously, a person may feel entirely engrossed in their journey towards success, but they need to take a step back and reevaluate their stance. Pakashtica, throughout his career, has always deeply studied his skills, especially when he hosted WAZZUP. Pakashtica remained headstrong as he created and covered the one-hour airtime to keep the audience captivated. Roy T. Bennett once said, "Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end." As individuals progress, they tend to doubt themselves, yet it is important to remember that success comes to those who retain their hard work.

Pakashtica has presented a quiz ChampionQuiz for children for two seasons while on WAZZUP and has hosted shows named "Ora E Mbremjes" and "Summer Zone" for one season each. Pakashtica's career is multifaceted and allowed him to explore his creativity. As Pakashtica employed creative freedom and worked untiringly for three years, he was promoted and given a new author position for the WAZZUP TV show in Klan Kosova Television. Pakashtica has shown the world that dedication can lead to success and influence growth and stability. Acting as a true inspiration, Pakashtica has confidently navigated his path towards creating his value in the world. By encouraging positivity, Pakashtica has been channeling his world with motivation and letting others experience the same.

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