This video shatters myths about being a Muslim

We love this video dispelling myths about being a Muslim in the Western world. 

A response to the recent Buzzfeed video - I'm a Muslim, But I'm not...

Posted by Blueprint Studios on Thursday, 15 October 2015

Created in response to Buzzfeed’s hugely popular ‘I’m a Muslim But I’m Not…’, this video shatters urban myths about Islam.

The video opens with: “I am Muslim but I am angry”. They're angry about Zionism. About having to apologise for random acts of violence that have nothing to do with them. About the drones and bombs in Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq—the list goes on.

These Muslims are tired of bending over backwards to defend their faith, of having to prove their loyalty to the Western world and of repeatedly having to explain the history of the Middle East.

The response to the video on Facebook has been overwhelming, with nearly 100,000 views in the first eight hours. It’s an important reminder that we’re all human, and of how far we still have to go before we have a truly equal society.

“I’m Muslim and my faith tells me to stand up for myself, and others.” Now that’s something we could all learn a lesson from.