Themes for Hosting a Party at Home


28th Jul 2020 Life

Themes for Hosting a Party at Home

Everyone loves a party, whether it’s for a special occasion, a public holiday, or just an excuse for friends to get together. Parties are also a popular way for charities and organisations looking to raise funds and also to celebrate achievements. In order to get their event to stand out from the crowd, many people now opt to host a themed party. Of course holiday parties, like Christmas and Halloween, have obvious ideas for theming, but what other themes could you use?

Las Vegas

What better theme for a party than to bring the glitz and glamour of casinos into your own venue? Casino parties are very popular for large fundraising events. Everyone loves getting dressed up in their best dresses and smartest suits, sipping cocktails and hitting the tables. Casino games are available to rent from many different companies, or you can buy your own. If you want to practise beforehand, or you’re just looking for some inspiration, there are plenty of online casinos where you can see what games are currently popular. Find the best online casinos in the UK at bestcasino.co.uk.


Looking back at previous years is always a good laugh. The awful fashion choices, the big hair, the cheesy music…there’s a lot of scope for people to work with. Whether you choose just one era, or decided to have a face-off between two, nostalgic decade themes are a great way to get your guests back in touch with their youth. Music is readily available from online streaming services and costumes can often be put together from existing wardrobe pieces, making this one of the easiest types of party to throw.

Alphabet Parties

Another ridiculously easy theme that is wonderfully effective. Simply choose a letter – maybe the initial of the host, or the first letter of each attendee’s name – and everyone needs to come in costume as something beginning with that letter. Stick to food with the same letter and only play music from corresponding bands, and everyone can have a laugh at some of the creative ways people have adhered to the theme. Where else could you find a skeleton and Superman eating sausage rolls and dancing to Steps?!


Great for an outdoors event, and a fantastic way to make use of good weather, a tropical theme is a simple way to add some décor to a low-key event. It can be as simple as dotting a few inflatable pool toys around the garden and adding little umbrellas to the drinks, or you can go all out with some bespoke food and decorations. Everyone has bright, summer clothes, so you’re not asking your guests to go to too much trouble. You could even run a competition for loudest Hawaiian shirt! Tropical-themed games like a limbo competition or a piñata will add to the fun, and there a lots of cocktail and juice recipes to get everyone in the holiday mood.


For more of a lavish theme, look no further than the masquerade balls of old. You can drape fabric from the ceiling and set up candles for mood lighting – a great way to dress a large hall. With all your guests decked out in floor-length gowns and evening dress, your event will feel like something truly special. You could even hire a live band to really build up the atmosphere. Masquerade balls are a lovely excuse to get all dressed up, but with the added fun of everyone having to wear a mask. Whether they’re store-bought or homemade, you can have fun trying to guess who is behind each one.


Whether you pick one film for inspiration, choose movies as a whole or a genre, these themes will give you and your guests loads to work with. You can theme your food around an era, for example hamburgers and milkshakes for a Grease party, play music from the soundtracks and have guests dress as their favourite characters, play murder mystery games or you could serve cinema snacks and project the movie onto a big screen for everyone to watch. Movie parties are also great for kids, and you can combine the idea with a sleepover party; getting everyone tucked up in their pyjamas on the sofa with popcorn and pic ‘n’ mix and buying the adults a bit of peace and quiet!

Whether you’re throwing a small gathering or organising a large, ticketed event, there are plenty of party themes to choose from. If the theme doesn’t fit your home, you need a bigger venue or you just don’t want to host it at home you even have the option of renting a large  
house with Party Houses.Some are quick and simple, yet incredibly effective, and others take more time and effort. One of the best ways to address the theme is to get your guests involved, whether that’s creating a costume or simply suggesting songs for a playlist. A party theme is your chance to be creative and original. The sky’s the limit when it comes to fun and inspiration, so whatever theme you choose, your party is sure to be a roaring success.

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