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The perfect Father’s Day gift

BY Tom Harnett

8th Apr 2019 Life

The perfect Father’s Day gift

Discover a gift your father will always remember, that all the family will cherish forever. Read our top 5 reasons why you should gift a LifeBook for Father's Day.

1. He already has everything!

For anyone looking to find a special gift for their father, sometimes it is difficult to find a suitable idea which he doesn’t already own or indeed even want. Dad is an efficient and logical being who most likely already has everything he needs, including your intended gift! At least my dad is that sort; after I added to his budding collection of Nigel Mansell autobiographies, he thanked me before saying “Don’t buy me any more books, Son, I’ve got ‘em.”

2. A unique gift

Here at LifeBook, we offer a unique and fantastic gift for your father or any other family member; the opportunity to produce their own private autobiography. Our project helps people share their stories and memories with a personally appointed interviewer, which our professional ghostwriters use to create a book written in the author’s voice. The end result is a privately run print of the autobiography, with the copies circulated amongst friends and relatives.

Each project includes a welcome pack containing a LifeBook Journal, which is useful for jotting down story ideas and notes for the upcoming project. The welcome pack is the perfect way to present this unique gift for Father’s Day, as it is placed within a beautiful presentation box.

The project becomes the author’s own, providing an engaging and fulfilling journey back through their life. We provide a project team consisting of a project manager, editor, interviewer and ghostwriter, who all work together to make sure that the book is being shaped according to the author’s wishes. Although we edit the book as we go along, the final editing opinion belongs to the author, as the story is theirs.


3. Show how the family is interested in his life

Often, we may not think our own lives are particularly interesting or noteworthy, and we may fail to realise that there is certainly an audience who would be eager to receive an autobiography of our lives; family! Every person has their own unique experiences, which can be engrossing for their relatives to learn about.

4. He has some great stories

Our parents affect our lives from the moment they bring us into the world and it is sometimes easy to take for granted the fact that they have their own stories and memories beyond parenthood. It is these stories that shape who they are and can shed light on the family history. Picture your father as a young boy being told off by your grandfather for example!

Our stories reveal who we are and it can be surprising to discover just how many of our relatives’ stories we haven’t heard before they are committed to prose. Even the stories that are Dad’s favourites, those that he has told you several times before can be captured with more depth in his book. It is always these stories that we often wish we could hear just one more time.


5. He can give something back at the end of the project

At the end of the LifeBook project, we produce ten hard backed copies of the completed book. The books are personalised with a title embossed in either gold or silver lettering onto their cover, which is a colour of their choosing. Once your father has completed his LifeBook, he in turn may present it to you as a gift of his own, the autobiography that contains all the stories and memories he wishes to pass on to the next generation to keep safe.

On behalf of everyone at LifeBook, we wish a happy Father’s Day to all!

Talk to us on 0800 999 2280, email or visit the LifeBook website.

Everyone has a story to tell.


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