The journey from a police officer to a death doula – Nicole Thornes

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16th Jan 2023 Life

The journey from a police officer to a death doula – Nicole Thornes
Life is like a roller coaster; every point has ups and downs. People plan something, but luck and sometimes misfortunes, lead them toward a different destination. That’s a part of life; everyone must go through such facts. However, passionate individuals are not scared of such uncertainties. They set goals, welcome challenges, overcome obstacles, and eventually achieve what satisfies them. These kinds of people are ready to face any uncertainty and stay committed to their goals and end results. Although the future is uncertain, this uncertainty can bring fruitful outcomes, providing that humans create opportunities for themselves. Thousands of people wanted to do something in their lives but ended up in an unplanned situation. In such a situation, things get worse only for those who get off track and stop pursuing their passion.
Those who stay committed to their broad goals find satisfaction even in unplanned circumstances. These kinds of people are truly victorious. They find a reason to be happy and spread happiness even when things go wrong. These people never look back; they overcome all the challenges and push themselves forward to meet their end goals. One true example of such people comes from a woman passionate about spreading happiness and helping others. Nicole Thornes is a mother, a former police officer, and now serving society as a death doula.
Nicole joined the police academy intending to be helpful to society. She believed her small efforts could comfort individuals, families, and societies. Like the passionate police officers, she, too, wanted to dedicate her commitments and duties to the betterment of society. She always believed that a police officer has the opportunity to eliminate crime, bring justice, and create a better society for everyone. She created her goals to protect life and bring prosperity through law enforcement. As a police officer, she wanted to respect life and liberty and treat everyone with dignity and compassion. All her passion and motivation to serve society and help people in need compelled her to pursue a Criminal Justice degree to become a police officer.
Nicole was never ready to give up on her dream. She went to Wor Wic Community College to complete her graduation in Criminal Justice. Although she became a mother during her studies and her responsibilities were increased due to children, she didn’t give up on her passion. Nicole could have called off her studies, but her passion for serving society didn’t let her step down. She took a break from her studies when her kids needed more attention but later resumed and completed her degree. Nicole finally became a police officer and gave her contributions to law enforcement and the betterment of society. She was not just a police officer but a mother who played her responsibilities in the best way possible. In fact, she believes that her kids gave her true motivation to pursue her dreams.
Everything went according to her plans, but uncertainty put her in a challenging situation. Nicole suffered from an injury that ended her career in the police force. The sudden medical retirement called off her journey as a police officer, but her dreams and passion did not let her stop. She wanted to help people and spread happiness, but she no more could pursue this goal of being a police officer. So, she became a death doula. Her current professional also allows her to be there for people whenever needed. Being a death doula, she is now providing comfort to the dying and their families during difficult times. She chose this field after her grandfather’s death. She couldn’t bear the pain of losing him; therefore, she decided to become a death doula and contribute her services to help those who suffer from the pain of losing their loved ones.
Nicole Thornes has written her book, Daddy’s Home, inspiring readers to cope with the feelings of emptiness and recover from mental illness after losing someone close. Daddy’s Home is fiction, but it covers true aspects and events of losing someone. It inspires readers and tells them the importance of a new beginning. Nicole has creatively written a heart-wrenching story that allows people to lighten the burden from their chest after the grief of losing someone.
Born on January 9th, 1980, Nicole Thornes is a mother, a former police officer, and a death doula passionate about serving people in need. She aims to spread prosperity in people’s lives and help them overcome all the obstacles and turmoil she faced throughout her life. Nicole’s journey from a police officer to a death doula has always been dedicated to the happiness of others.

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