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The gift that never stops giving

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3rd Aug 2022 Life

The gift that never stops giving
It’s 2022 and people are going for eco-friendly gifts.
People are going for gifts that are reused time and time again, (while also saving money), gifts that have recyclable packaging, or the elements included within them are recyclable. One of the best options is to go for a green hamper.
Giving someone an awesome gift hamper that is also eco-friendly, is a present that can be customised, is simple to produce, and, of course, conveys a unique message to the recipient. For the eco-warrior in your family, a green hamper is a wonderful go-to-present.
Why? Because there are so many options for gift baskets, you can fill them as you choose. While purchasing is a pre-designed hamper is an option it’s even better to design them from scratch when ordering one online, which makes them more thoughtful and personalised! Secondly, gift hampers are a gift that never stops giving, because the basket and the gifts themselves are reusable.
Continue reading to find out why an awesome gift hamer is the best present and why green hampers in particular are dominating the market.

Gift hampers can be re-used

The fact that green items are frequently reusable is one of their main advantages. For instance, many shampoo manufacturers who sell green bars do so in metal cans. After the shampoo finishes, the container is still usable for storing items. With a green hamper, you can reuse everything that was inside of it, including the container. Many green hampers are available in wicker baskets, allowing you to keep the present for a long time and reuse it for other purposes.

Gift hampers are eco-friendly

In 2022, a lot of people are worried about the environment and reducing CO2 emissions. This is why green hampers are becoming more popular because the basket can be used again.
It’s not only the basket- green gift hamper companies choose carefully when it comes to their packaging. The shipping boxes are durable enough to be used again for storage, mailing, or even moving and are also fully recyclable. Additionally, the inside protective packaging, including the tissue paper or shredded paper, may be recycled as well. You may use it again to wrap your own gifts!
Typically, businesses that sell green baskets will guarantee that the items inside them were manufactured by hand or in facilities with minimal CO2 emissions, or that the manufacturing machinery was powered using renewable energy. Even the food items may be grown using environmentally friendly methods, such as chocolate hampers whose cacao beans are grown in areas where the workers are paid a decent wage.
Once you've finished the delectable contents, don't just throw the basket or wicker tray away -there are a number of ways to repurpose your awesome gift hampers! Here are some creative suggestions on how to repurpose the cream gift boxes, open baskets, and lidded wicker baskets!

How to reuse your cream boxes:

To add a statement piece to your house.
The exquisite boxes are understated and elegant and will fit in just fine on a shelf or in a cabinet.
To store household items
For keeping decorations, jewellery, accessories, toys, and small articles of clothes, the durable boxes come in particularly handy.
As a memento
Cream boxes are the ideal remembrance box for a special occasion, such as a wedding, new baby, or significant birthday. They are ideal for gathering unique cards, photos, and souvenirs since they are simple to decorate and sturdy enough to safeguard priceless goods.
To wrap difficult presents!
Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions where gifts are given, always have that oddly shaped present that is challenging to wrap properly.
Wrapping your gift within a sturdy gift box is also an excellent idea if it is delicate or fragile or if you need to mail it. Reuse the gift boxes to ensure that your selected item—regardless of its shape—is tastefully wrapped and protected from harm.

How to reuse bamboo trays or wicker baskets

For toiletries and towels
With wicker basket or bamboo trays, you can give your visitors a warm, "hotel inspired" feeling. For instance, place individual toiletries, towels, and blankets on your sustainable tray for presentation in your guests' rooms.
To store potted plants
Why not keep a selection of potted plants in your wicker basket? This will look great in your dining room, kitchen, or spare room, especially if those spaces are quite big and receive modest amounts of natural light.
A blossoming wicker basket will provide a lovely, rustic touch to your house.
For storing things
Do you have "that" sideboard or drawer where everything is kept? The place where everyone throws random items that don’t really have any place to go? Why not organise your house by using a wicker tray?
You can put kitchen equipment in a cabinet, a deep drawer, or a wicker basket by the side. This will be a great help, especially if you have a kitchen that lacks drawers and/or closet space.
Why not use the wicker that was sent to you full of delectable sweets as a goodie basket, hidden away in one of your kitchen cabinets?
You may also put a tray in your drawers, beneath the bed, or your wardrobe to help organise accessories, make-up, and tiny clothing items.
Last but not least, our trays are a wonderful complement to a home office, serving as an in-tray or for documents, stationery, etc.
As a picnic basket
Going for a walk is the best thing you can do, especially during the summer.
Reuse your awesome gift hampers to place your sandwiches, snacks, and beverages. All you need to do is put your favourite picnic foods inside your wicker basket after lining it with a picnic blanket.
To decorate the living room
If you have a bigger basket, use it to offer texture to your house, in the living room or den. You can even use it to store newspapers, coffee table books, and magazines. Bigger baskets are ideal for keeping throws or blankets in preparation for chilly winter nights spent inside. For example, to prepare paper and kindling for lighting a fire or wood burner.
To store fragile things or transport them
The lidded wicker baskets are ideal for bigger things because of their strong construction. For example, to store shoes or to keep fragile objects like flowers, picture frames, or decorations that you no longer want to show, safe.
You can also put them in the trunk or rear of your automobile, to keep your dog's leashes, balls and frisbees, or even your walking boots, in there. Place goods like an extra picnic blanket, boots, or a small umbrella inside that you don't want to roll around in the back.
Additionally, these baskets are perfect for packing several products into a single, durable container for delivery and transportation to another location.
Make sure to share this post with the person you’re giving your awesome gift hampers! It’s full of suggestions for recycling hampers and making the most of our environmentally friendly packaging.
That’s it from our side folks! All the ways in which you can reuse your awesome gift hampers. What are your ideas? Drop them down below!
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