Talent finds its way, Uncovering the story of Wendo Musaly


1st Jun 2021 Life

Each person is blessed with diverse abilities and talents. Some find their talent by themselves while others require a little help from others.

Either way, talent is never hidden and can never be shunned away. It is a trait that sets a person apart from others and distinguishes them from the rest of the crowd. If found at the right age, talent can be nurtured, which can help that person create a career out of it later in their life. Similar was the case with Wendo Mbilizi.

Wendo Mbilizi, a.k.a. Wendo Musaly, is a Congolese-American, who is known for his multiple strengths. He is an emerging talented youngster who has excelled in the fields of acting, singing, songwriting, and dancing. He is one of those strong personalities who experienced the adversities of life at a young age and rather than being disheartened, used them as life lessons. Wendo is a determined individual with set goals and visions and is using his talent in the right direction to achieve them.


Talent hits a target no one else can hit

It is said the experiences in life, shape the personality of people. It either makes them stronger and determined or weak and hopeless; there is no in-between. Those who bear the adversities and comprehend it as an opportunity to transition into a better version of themselves, have a different outlook on life. They perceive everything in a positive manner and try to make the most out of every situation and opportunity.

Growing up in refugee camps, Wendo Musaly had seen life's harsh realities at an early age. He was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) on November 21, 1996. Two months after he was born, the situation in Congo went into a state of war causing unrest across the coutry. Wendo’s parents took a difficult decision – to leave their homeland. They decided to live in another country to keep their children; Wendo and his elder sister, safe. And so, the entire family fled to Tanzania.

One always faces a certain amount of difficulty when they leave their homeland. They are often treated as an outsider and have a hard time being accepted. Although Wendo’s family had moved to Tanzania, they had to live in refugee camps. A family who once had a shelter on their heads and proper food to eat were now dependent on others for the basic necessities of life. His parents tried their level best to move back to DRC, but the war did not allow them. Nevertheless, Wendo adapted to the camp-life and never complained.

At 11, Wendo and his friends formed a music group. Even though it did not have a name, they religiously practiced playing instruments and jammed to songs. Living in a refugee camp, the group made the most out of even the smallest opportunities. Guitar and drums were the only instruments they had to practice their music. After some time, they gained confidence in themselves and began performing in the street and even at parties. This was when Wendo realized that he had a talent in him that should be nurtured.

After Wendo was hit with the realization that he was great with music, he began taking it more seriously. In 2016, when his family finally moved to the States, Wendo could see a future for himself. Although late, his parents got him and his sister enrolled in a high school to complete their studies in 2016. Wendo went to Winooski High School and completed his high school studies in 2020. All this time, he did not abandon his passion for music. Instead tried his hand at songwriting.

Passion, the gateway to success

Musaly got his first break in August 2018 when he collaborated with Mr. Oli. on a song named Pourquoi?! As a newcomer, it was surprising for him to receive a positive response his work, and this was just the beginning of his career. He started working on various projects and made tons of collaborations. Wendo then released a song, ‘Give Me That Eh,’ featuring Mr. Oli & Q-Bo and Tú’úndané featuring Lumière. He also worked on some singles, including Kiboko WE and Je T’Aime.

Music was truly his talent, as he flourished in each step that he took. Wendo then went on and released two albums including GooDLucK, and Kiboko WE. On January 30, 2020, he released another EP, ‘Tranquility 1.’ It contained five tracks, including ‘Pourquoi,’Give Me That Eh,’ featuring Mr. Oli & Q-Boi, and ‘Tu’undane,’ featuring Lumiere Mbilizi, Kiboko WE, and Je T’aime.

Life has mysterious ways of rewarding people, and this was how Wendo Musaly was rewarded for his good spirit and positive attitude. His journey imparts the lesson of always being strong and never giving up on passions and dreams. Wendo is currently working on his future albums and songs that he intends to release soon.

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