Swimwear made from ocean plastics – What you need to know

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31st May 2022 Life

Swimwear made from ocean plastics – What you need to know

With global levels of plastic waste in the ocean at an all-time high, there has never been a better time to consider making your swimwear from alternative sources.

It’s time to end the plastic waste polluting our oceans, but we’re not going to wait for someone else to do it. The first step we can take is to design new swimwear from the resources around us – like ocean plastics. Here’s what you need to know about this environmentally-friendly swimwear trend and where you can buy your bikini made from ocean plastics. If you want to use ocean plastics to make swimwear, you need to know where to source them.

The history

Creating swimsuits and other clothing items out of plastic collected from our oceans might seem pretty far-fetched, but several organizations are doing just that. This new line of fashionable summer attire is called Seamore (after Seamus Malone, its founder). It highlights a significant problem in our oceans today: marine debris. Plastic products like bags, bottles, toys and various other products end up in our oceans daily. They then pollute and kill marine animals, which ultimately affects humans because it causes widespread starvation among sea life which we depend on for food sources. Seamore aims to make people more aware of how much plastic they use every day by providing stylish clothing made entirely from recycled ocean plastics.

Things to consider when buying

When deciding on a swimsuit, there is more than just style and comfort that is important. It is crucial to consider each material and whether or not it is suitable for your body type. This way, you aren’t wearing something that damages the environment or poses a threat to your health. Most people know that polyester can be harsh on sensitive skin or chafe through friction against delicate areas of their bodies. If you want to buy a sustainable swimsuit but still look stylish while protecting yourself from harmful chemicals, check out these Swimwear collections from Na-KD. They are a perfect example of a brand that uses sustainably sourced materials.

How it works

Gather plastic waste from oceans and waterways, clean it, and turn it functional. Clothing manufacturers can use fiber-reinforced plastic material for various applications, including swimwear. The process is simple: Manufacturers receive recycled plastic pellet material in proprietary shape; they press those pellets into moldable fiber sheets; and then they die-cut, sew, or print those fibers into whatever products they want. Unique fabric with exceptional durability, softness, and color retention outperforms many competitive textiles. It’s up to manufacturers to decide whether their final product will be recyclable.

Final thoughts

Swimwear collections made from recycled materials found in our oceans are a testament to how much impact we can have on our world when we set out to do so with pure intentions. Today, as more and more people are taking part in water-centric activities, there is greater demand for water-friendly clothing options, especially among individuals looking for alternatives that meet their needs for comfort and functionality in and out of water.

While there are many benefits associated with wearing suits made from recycled materials found in our oceans, The sad truth is that most of us have no idea where our clothing comes from—and if a recent report is accurate, one-third of all clothing purchased isn’t even worn before it ends up in a landfill.

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