Succulenty sets out to improve the world for everyone


22nd Feb 2022 Life

Succulenty sets out to improve the world for everyone

Have you been wondering whether you can do more to combat the threat of climate change?

Over the last few years, we’ve faced increased calls for more measures to help curb global warming, and there can be scarcely a person out there who hasn’t heard about the dangers that face our environment.

Newspapers, magazines, and the internet are full of information about how we can all do our bit as eco-warriors in our own right, and one way to do this is to plant more greenery and increase our forest cover.

Of course, for many people, achieving this goal may seem impossible. After all, what do you do if you don’t have a garden? More people than ever before have subscribed to city living, and all over the globe, people are living in apartments and city-centre housing without any access to outdoor spaces of their own. With no gardens to speak of, how can people in this situation do their bit in the campaign to combat global warming? Fear not, eco-warrior, because Succulenty has the answer.

Succulents – The user-friendly houseplant

Even for those who have no garden or balcony space, it’s still possible to grow plants in an indoor garden. Yet, the very idea of trying to cultivate houseplants often puts people who lack green fingers off. There’s a general belief that caring for houseplants can be onerous and difficult, and since we all have very busy lives, do we really have time to spend on this extra task?

Luckily, succulents are the perfect solution. These unusual plants are incredibly easy to care for and require minimal effort on behalf of the grower. Even better, they can grow virtually anywhere thanks to their resilience. That means they can be cultivated in almost any space anywhere in the world. Essentially, they represent the ideal way to tap into greenery’s versatility while giving a home a natural feel. Sounds great doesn’t it?

David Fleurant recognised the benefits of succulents when he was stuck at home during the height of the global Covid 19 pandemic. After weeks of isolation in his own house, he began to look for ways to improve his living environment and his mind turned to houseplants and greenery.

He went online in an effort to find out more about which type of plants would best suit his needs, and it was then that he made the life-changing discovery of the Succuverse – an online community of succulent-loving people from across the globe who wanted to share their passion for these versatile and beautiful plants.

While carrying out his research, David discovered that succulents are able to achieve a number of impressive feats. Firstly, they can remove toxins from the air to improve its quality, and release moisture via their leaves, humidifying the air and preventing it from drying out. Even more interestingly, he discovered that, unlike most other houseplants, succulents release oxygen, not carbon dioxide at night, to promote restful sleep. Succulents are known for their medicinal properties too. Aloe vera is know to treat eczema and reduce inflammation, while yucca is known to reduce joint pain and treat cuts and scratches.  Furthermore, keeping succulents at home boosts your positivity and happiness, while also improving your productivity and focus. Caring for houseplants has been proven to reduce stress, reduce blood pressure and promote a more relaxed and calm mindset, making it even easier to see why these plants are so popular.

With so much to offer, David couldn’t believe he hadn’t found out about this cool plants earlier! He immediately became engrossed in this joyful and positive community, and he wanted to share his discovery with his friend, fellow businessman, Dev Chakravarti. The pair rapidly decided that they wanted to play an active role in raising awareness amongst the masses of the benefits of these wonderful plants, and so the concept of Succulenty was born.

Creation of the Succuverse

It was time to enter the Succuverse! Succulenty was set up not only to be a retail website, but to be an active and thriving community hub for everyone with an interest in succulents. David and Dev were determined to reach out to those who had never before considered cultivating houseplants due to the perceived chore of looking after them, and to educate them about the benefits that come from growing succulents at home. Essentially, the pair wanted to create the “Succuverse” where all succulent needs could be met – from obtaining high-quality plants from the local nurseries that the brand has partnered with, to learning more about how to care for succulents in the best possible way.

Succulenty’s mission is to bridge the existing gap between those who have never heard of succulents and those who are already passionate about this unusual plant variety by providing a safe and therapeutic space that can be a welcoming hub for people to gain and share information, tips, and advice, and to offer up their own ideas and suggestions.

As David can testify from his own experience, there has never been a better time to explore the benefits of growing succulents at home. In fact, there’s no better time for launching Succulenty now that people have become so used to spending extended periods of time indoors and have begun to acknowledge that their living environments have a major impact on all aspects of their daily lives, from mental and physical health to relationships and work. Did you struggle to cope during the COVID lockdowns? Maybe succulents could have made the experience a more enjoyable one.

With this in mind, the pair have pressed forward with their business plan and have been amazed by their success in such a short space of time – a success that David and Dev are keen to attribute to their three succulent mascots – The Succies.

Who are the succies?

Who doesn’t love a bit of childhood nostalgia? That’s why Dev wanted to create distinct characters to represent the brand, acting as mascots to demonstrate the individual and unique benefits that different varieties of succulent can bring. He wanted to express the brand’s vision in a more appealing way, and what better way to do it than by creating the Succies – a trio of succulents with their own personalities, attributes and appearances.

Reah, Eve and Brie were the result – three uniquely designed mascots that reflect the health benefits and unique abilities that different succulents can bring.

Reah’s power is to release more moisture into the air and to help cure colds, sore throats and skin problems. Eve improves focus and memory, while Brie can relax and calm the mind by improving air quality in the indoor environment at night.

These three cute and cool characters have been truly embraced by the Succuverse community, and have been largely responsible for the brand’s Instagram platform gaining so many new followers. Recently, their page exceeded 400,000 followers, and the brand’s founders have been overwhelmed by comments, suggestions, feedback, and ideas that they are keen to utilise to improve the brand still further.

A vision for a more succulent future

The company is now working towards its long-term vision – to become the first port of call for everything and anything succulent related. Are you looking for an interesting, educational, safe, and therapeutic space online where people all over the world can come together as one community to share their joint love of succulents? Then now you know where to find it!

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