Secrets to Making a great first impression


1st Jan 2015 Life

Secrets to Making a great first impression

Follow the advice of psychology professor Sam Gosling and you will be wowing new acquaintances in no time.

How do you make a great first impression?

Making an impact on first impression is key to making friends, getting ahead in your career, meeting a potential partner and influencing your peers. You may only have seconds to make that lasting impression but it need not be as daunting as it sounds. It is a moment to enjoy and thrive in. Professor Sam Gosling is a Social Pyschologist whose primary concern is social perception, how one might be percieved by their environment and through everyday situations. With insight on how belongings, body language and mannerisms reveals essential information about your character and identity, Professor Gosling gives great advice to making a great and lasting first impression. 


We may only have seconds

A glance at a snapshot is enough for strangers to form a judgement about us, says psychology professor Sam Gosling, author of Snoop. So how can we make sure they’re seeing the best of us rather than the worst?

It’s not about being the life and soul

“It’s all about the fit,” says Gosling, who points out that a chatterbox won’t be welcome on a silent retreat. But there are specific signs people pick up on.

Smile. There’s no downside

“You’ll come over as agreeable, extrovert, open and emotionally stable,” claims Gosling.

Go smart rather than casual

Wearing a shirt rather than a T-shirt means that people are likely to think better of you. And dig out your suit if you’re off to an interview, because neatness and formality are associated with motivation. “Messy people are assumed to be less conscientious, though it’s not necessarily true,” Gosling points out.

Shake hands firmly if you’re female

Women who do are thought (correctly) to be more open to experience.

Don’t check your reflection in public

People who do this often tend to be narcissists, who have an unrealistically high opinion of themselves.

Wear distinctive accessories

They show that you’re creative imaginative and welcome new ideas. But beware slogans and political symbols that people mistrust, though they’re usually an honest reflection of the wearer’s beliefs.

Skip parties if you’re tired

A sparky, high-energy attitude is what’s required, or other guests may dismiss you as dull.

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